Farewell, Eddie’s

Eddie's Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club will soon be no more, sadly. It’s been sold, and it appears that it will become a “sports bar.”

I know a lot of people who absolutely love Eddie’s food — campfire steak, trout, burgers — and while I enjoyed the food, it wasn’t my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong – the food was certainly tasty, but what made Eddie’s so special to me was the atmosphere.

Walking in to that rectangle, white building was like walking through a time portal: the carpet, the decor, the lighting, and most of all, the piano bar.

Thanks for the wonderful memories, Eddie’s! You will be missed.

Visit From The ‘Rents

On Friday, we picked up my dad and his lovely bride at the airport for a weekend trip up from Texas. It was great! We wanted to take them EVERYWHERE, but our time was limited, so we started off with dinner at Eddie’s Supper Club – you just can’t go wrong with Eddie’s! And we met a fellow customer named Frank who passed himself off as one of the owners of the restaurant – quite a hoot!

And I’m so proud of my dad and his wife – on Saturday they hopped in their rental car and drove down to the wonderful community of Cascade and enjoyed some coffee and pie at the Badger Cafe – and they enjoyed it SO much that they did it again on Sunday for breakfast!

And we did some leisurely driving around town, too, focusing – duh – on the geese! Geese along the river near Giant Springs, geese at Gibson Pond, geese in the greenery at 10th Ave and Fox Farm. Oh, and we also saw the marmot along River Drive – what a cute little guy!

Saturday night dinner was at Rikki’s — always a treat…and on Sunday we indulged their passion for Chinese food and dined at Maple Garden.

Yeah, there were plenty of places that we didn’t get to see or enjoy (Dimitri’s, Howard’s Pizza, 5th Street, Goode’s, etc), but we only had the weekend. And the weather – couldn’t have asked for better weather. I told them a few days before they arrived that I could ALMOST guarantee no snow and no sub-freezing temps 🙂 and the weather cooperated.

And the best part of the weekend: they got to meet my lovely and amazing fiancee – finally!

So within the next few days, I predict that there will be a Special Edition of “Dad Chimes In” so that he and his wife can recount their trip!