Sheep Pic from Eddie’s Supper Club

This treasure from Eddie’s Supper Club is now hanging over our bed. Yay! It was always my favorite at Eddie’s.

A few weeks after Eddie’s closed, my wife noticed that it and several others were being sold on one of the Great Falls classified pages on Facebook — she jumped on it, and the next day we zipped over to Eddie’s to pick it up.

The very nice lady that sold it to us – a daughter of one of the founders, I believe – also said that a gentleman had come by to buy the booth that he and his wife had dined at for decades. Awwww.

My tribute to Eddie’s:

Farewell, Eddie’s

Eddie's Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club will soon be no more, sadly. It’s been sold, and it appears that it will become a “sports bar.”

I know a lot of people who absolutely love Eddie’s food — campfire steak, trout, burgers — and while I enjoyed the food, it wasn’t my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong – the food was certainly tasty, but what made Eddie’s so special to me was the atmosphere.

Walking in to that rectangle, white building was like walking through a time portal: the carpet, the decor, the lighting, and most of all, the piano bar.

Thanks for the wonderful memories, Eddie’s! You will be missed.

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