Know Dice

Gamers of Great Falls, rejoice! New business is having a grand opening today – it’s called Know Dice (great name).

Description: “Know Dice is your one stop shop for all things CCG, RPG, miniature, and board game related in Great Falls, MT.”

Located at #8 on 5th Street South downtown; check ’em out on Facebook.

Know Dice in Great Falls

UPDATE: stopped by to check it out on Saturday afternoon – pretty cool!
Good crowd inside, some playing games, others checking out what’s for sale. Crew was super-friendly – hi Ben and Nicole!

Know Dice in Great Falls

Know Dice in Great Falls

Another Downtown Fire

Breaking news: A fire reported at about 8 pm on Sunday night has caused the evacuation of the Quality Inn hotel in downtown Great Falls.

At least four fire trucks and numerous police vehicles are at the scene, located at the intersection of Central Avenue and 3rd Street. Downtown roads are blocked off for at least one block in all directions around the scene.

There is smoke coming from at least one of the buildings, but it is not yet known if it is coming from the hotel or from the Tap House Grill restaurant.

Downtown Treasures

Richard White of the Calgary Herald has discovered that the downtown areas of many Montana communities are things to be treasured:

This summer, I challenge you to take the road less travelled. You’ll likely be richly rewarded for it – and it could give you a fresh perspective on life in 21st-century, oil-rich Calgary. This is how we discovered the downtowns of Montana. Sure, they are not Paris, London or New York, but Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Missoula, Bozeman and Billings each have downtowns with a sense of place and a history worth exploring.

Among the highlights of downtown Great Falls, according to White, are Baker Bob’s cafe (cinnamon buns and art display) and (duh) the Sip-n-Dip. Read the whole thing.

I (Heart) Downtown Great Falls

If you’ve got a great idea for promoting downtown Great Falls, here’s your chance to do something cool: create a logo!

Downtown Great Falls is pleased to announce that we are conducting a Logo Competition! We are in search of students, professionals, artists, and other creative folks to design away and bring us your concept of our identity locked up in the form of a logo.
The top ten entries submitted will be put into the winner’s shortlist to be judged by the Downtown Marketing Committee with the top three entries given the chance to win some fantastic prizes including an Apple Ipod Touch and $100 worth of Downtown Gift Certificates. The final winner will also have the benefit of having their design printed on many different mediums throughout the region and on the internet. Entry is free and open to all who have Great Falls pride.

The deadline to enter is March 1st; you can get all the details at the GF BID website. I’m in love with Great Falls – and downtown Great Falls! – but I’ll leave this contest to folks with a bit more creativity and design skills!
So what elements do you think are essential to promoting downtown? Eclectic nature of shops, the eateries, the history, the architecture…?

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