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The Return Of Thor!

Hooray! Thor was missing for a few days, but is now back home where he belongs with his best friend Marcus!

I got a message from Marcus on Wednesday: “Wanted to say thank you…it was your post on KRTV that generated the initial buzz that led to the creation of thors page…. his story was seen by almost 10 thousand people in great falls alone…and 50 thousand world wide…thank you!”

And here they are!

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Tiny “Sheep” Dog

Spotted this tiny little pup in a truck at Starbucks – cute little guy (girl?)! Looks a bit like a miniature sheep!

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Stolen Dog

This is low – stealing a puppy from someone’s yard? Got this message from Kirsten:

Someone in a red car stole my sister’s Boxer puppy, Bella, out of her yard. I was wondering if maybe you could post some pictures of her and ask everyone to keep an eye out for her? She’s 6 months old, brindle, and wearing a pink camo collar. My sister, her adult boxer, and my niece are all distraught. I don’t know what kind of terrible person steals a family member like that, but we’d really like Bella to come home safe. Anyone with info can call at 788-9624.

Hope someone spots Bella and gets her back home.

UPDATE: got this happy e-mail from Kirsten a few minutes ago:
“Great news! We were up at the animal shelter this AM putting up a flyer and while we were there, a lady called in saying she had found a boxer puppy…. and it was Bella! So we met up with her and now Bella is home safe and sound. :)”

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Little Dog Lost

OK, he’s not so little, but he does appear to be lost – he showed up at ZenPanda’s place today and won’t leave; it’s in the neighborhood around 2nd Avenue North at 18th Street.

If this pup looks familiar, drop a comment and I’ll forward to ZenPanda. UPDATE: got a text from Zen – pup has found his way home!

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