Pardon the interruption, but we need to take a brief time-out from Great Falls blogging in order to remember the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.

Today marks ten years since we lost the greatest singer – perhaps the greatest entertainer – of the 20th century: Francis Albert Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes. The Voice. The Chairman of The Board. The Legend. Frankie. Sinatra. Read more

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, not ME, exactly, but rather to! Actually, the official day was on Wednesday; the very first blog entry here was on May 7, 2005, which makes GreaterFalls three years old. In dog years, that’s about 21 years old, and in blog years, that’s probably…what, 40 or 50 years old? Here’s a screenshot of the early days, courtesy of the Wayback Machine (click to see full size) (update: image link now fixed!):

the early days of!

Thanks for helping me get to the three-year mark! Seriously – having awesome folks like you around makes this fun. I would have baked a birthday cake to share with all of you, but it’s so hard to squeeze baked goods through the internets, ya know.

UPDATE: awwww…thanks, everyone, for the nice comments! And especially to Dave (the *other* one!) for the b-day dedication!

Bloggers Revealed

When I began nearly three years ago, I had no idea that it would lead to things like being interviewed by the Trib and KFBB and even occasionally being recognized around town. But since I have achieved a wee bit of local prominence (well, among the cool people, anyway), it turns out that people seem to enjoy confiding in me – sort of kinda off the record. People e-mail me, acquaintances whisper things to me, all with the simultaneous hope and fear that I might blog about their particular tidbit of information.

Now if you ask anyone who knows me really well, you’ll learn that I have a hard time keeping a secret. Heck, that’s one of the reasons that I love to blog — I enjoy being the one to share information. So it’s been pretty dang hard to keep some of these “secrets” under wraps for so long, and after quite a bit of consideration, it’s time to “break” some news here at…you see, if I’m ever going to make any money off of this hobby and website – other than the paltry $30 or so bucks a month from Google ads and Text Link Ads – then it’s time for me to act like a true “media” outlet. So while I will try to respect my individual sources, I think it’s OK for me to spill a few things that have been reported to me by multiple sources; namely, the identities of some of Great Falls better-known “anonymous” bloggers.

First, let’s reveal the most obvious one: Electric City Weblog, which many believe is authored by a local attorney, is in fact the brainchild of none other than John Lawton. Several of you have e-mailed me over the years wondering if there was a connection, and you were spot-on. Lawton created the ECW several years ago in a well-calculated PR move designed to promote the Highwood Generating Station, with the premise that “there ain’t no such thing as bad publicity.” Now that John is officially out of office, it can be said safely.

Second, the mysterious “GF Girl” over at Cataract City has really confounded people; there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t get at least one e-mail speculating about her true identity. I won’t explicitly state her REAL name here (for Google’s sake), but I can give you a clue: she was recently elected to her position on the City Commission. Think it’s a coincidence that her Cataract City blog began sometime around the time that she announced her candidacy?

And finally we come to “GF Firefly.” She doesn’t post often, but as some of you have theorized, “Firefly” is none other than the alter-ego of Patty Rearden, the deputy director of the Parks & Recreation Department. Why do you think that so many of Firefly’s blog entries are about the skate park?

And there you have it. Some semi-secret identities now revealed, in the true spirit of “open blogging.” Hey, if “Sunshine Laws” are good for government, then they are good for blogging, too, right?

Oh, there is one more secret… Read more

Happy Birthday!

OK, everyone, on the count of three let’s all sing “Happy Birthday” to my father. You’ll have to sing really loud, since he lives in Texas. Ready? 1…2…3: Happy Birthday To You


OK, maybe singing to him won’t work, but if you’d like to wish him a happy birthday, the best way is probably to leave a comment with your favorite (ie, worst) pun or joke. Since most of Dad’s jokes are pre-war (Civil), he could probably use some fresh material (ba-dum). And as proof of his bad punnery, read what his lovely wife Jacqui (pictured above) had to say in this comment. So give it a shot – your worst pun or joke!

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