“Too Cold”

June in Montana: We had scheduled an appointment to have our air-conditioning system get a “check up” now that summer is almost here.

Tech was supposed to come today…but a few minutes after 8 a.m., we got a voicemail from the company saying that it is TOO COLD for them to perform the maintenance check – said that it needs to be at least 60 degrees, and with the current temp at 49 degrees and not much hope for a big warm-up, they would need to re-schedule.

So: on June 19th, it’s too cold to have an a/c unit serviced in Great Falls, Montana.



Jonathan Logan is a science teacher here in Great Falls – fun to follow on Twitter.

He’s getting some national exposure thanks to a brief video he shot during the super-ultra-freezing weather we had a couple of days ago. The video was picked up by USA Today and shows what happens to boiling water when it’s thrown into the air – when the temperature is -26 degrees.



Now it’s getting serious: our coldest weather in just over three years, apparently. Looks like we got about 5 or 6 inches of snow today – and I think that makes it 4 out of the last 6 Mondays that we’ve had snow.

Going to make the Christmas Stroll on Friday night pretty challenging…and I feel sorry for the poor souls that are taking part in the annual Polar Bear Plunge.


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