Putting the “Great” in Great Falls

Back in 2006, the Trib released the results of a “What Makes Great Falls So Great?” survey; I blogged about it back then, but in light of the current conversation, it might pay to re-visit some of the replies:

Great People: 129
Local Parks: 52
River Running Through the City: 52
Rivers Edge Trail: 52
Arts & Culture: 51
Education/Schools: 48
Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor Activities: 47
City Size: 45
Big Blue Sky: 42
Natural Beauty/Nature: 29

So our community has some less-than-stellar aspects, according to some: casinos, downtown despair, etc. I agree with some of the criticism – hell, nobody likes pot-holes.

But our positives – many reflected above – need to weighed against those negatives.

Which weighs more? You all know my answer. Tell me why the “pros” of Great Falls outweigh the “cons” – or vice versa.

Things To Do

The folks over at Pulse Great Falls sent an e-mail with a list of activities and fun stuff coming up around town; here’s some of the weekend events:

Thursday July 3
5:00 pm Alive @ 5, Gibson Park (music by the Slip Tones)
8:00 pm “July 4th Eve” Cocktail Party, 1500 2nd Ave N

Friday July 4
11:00 am 4th of July Blast, Black Eagle Park
11:00 am 4th of July Parade, Downtown Great Falls
7:00 pm Great Falls Voyagers vs. Missoula, Centene Stadium
7:00 pm Lewis & Clark Center presentation “War of 1812”
7:30 pm Fireball Racing, Electric City Speedway
10:15 pm Community Fireworks Display, West Bank Park

Saturday July 5
7:45 am Great Falls Farmers Market, Whittier Park near Civic Center
8:00 am Belt Celebration (details, anyone?)
7:00 pm Great Falls Voyagers vs. Missoula, Centene Stadium
7:00 pm Lewis & Clark Center presents “Indian Voices”
7:30 pm Fireball Racing, Electric City Speedway

And civic leader and all-around good guy Tim Austin does a great job of keeping track of all sorts of events going on in Great Falls!

Weekend Fun!

If you hear someone complain that there isn’t anything to do in Great Falls, you can do one of two things: bonk ’em on the head in frustration, or simply direct them to this blog entry (or e-mail it to them!). There is always something to do in and around Great Falls, never more so than during Summer. Check out this weekend action!

    Friday evening is Alive @ Five, this time being held on Friday (instead of the usual Thursday) in order to coincide with the Montana HOG Rally! It will be held on Central Avenue at 1st Street, roughly, and promises tons of food, lots of music, games, prizes, and happy people! The festivities kick off at 5:00 pm and will run until..well, as long as folks are enjoying themselves!
    As noted above, there will be lots of motorcycles in and around Great Falls this weekend. The reason: the Montana HOG Rally! Yep, that noise you hear this weekend will probably the sound of Harley bikes & Harley people as HOG members enjoy a three-day “pirate” adventure in Great Falls!

And if you’re looking to enjoy a little drive outside of Great Falls this weekend, you’re in luck:

    Saturday, June 28: Vaughn Community Garage Sale Summer Celebration Day! The stores & bars will all have specials going! Great Fun! More details over at ReAnn Rothwell’s awesome blog!

So. What are YOU doing this weekend? Tell us!

In The News

Wow, lots of stuff going on…first some good news from Aaron: the grocery store formerly known as the Downtown Albertson’s (on 1st Ave N and 7th Street) will soon be open for business again under the IGA banner! And Aaron reminds us over at Cataract City that YOU helped to make it happen – seriously. Good job, everyone!

– Didja catch GeeGuy on the KFBB news? A brief article about his quest to find out the what/why/etc of the coal-fired Highwood Generating Station – well done, GeeGuy. If the code on the HGS is ever cracked, we’ll have you to thank for leading the charge.

Neighborhood Council #4 will be meeting on Thursday at 6:30pm at Heritage Baptist Church (900 52nd Street North); topics will include problem properties, disorderly premise ordinance (with GFPD officer Noah Scott), the property near 900 52nd Street South, and other neighborhood concerns.

– Speaking of neighbors and neighborhoods…be sure to read what Firefly has to say about living in Great Falls, and why she appreciates it. Words of wisdom, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, we appreciate all of the things that dear ol’ dad has done for us: life lessons, wisdom, trips together, hunting, shared jokes, and such. So a hearty “thanks!” to all the dads out there – including mine, of course. But this is a blog about Great Falls, so let’s take a moment to remember the man who is, after all, the “Father Of Great Falls” — Paris Gibson. He’s not just some guy that we named a museum and a school for…he really did create our fair community. Here’s a quick sketch of Gibon’s life: Read more

Farmer’s Market!

If it’s time for Alive @ Five, then that means that the Farmer’s Market is just around the corner, too! Got an e-mail today from Allyson (of Diamonds By Design):

Don’t forget this Saturday is the start of the Farmers Market. The Market is from 7:45am to noon. There’s something for everyone whether you’re looking for fresh fruits and produce, baked goods, jams and jellies, or a unique gift from one of our many talented crafters. Feeling hungry? There’s food for every taste including fry bread, smoothies, porkies on a stick, and much more. Pony rides for the kids, a variety of musicians, and special events round out the list of fun things to do and see. You won’t want to miss it.

It’s true – you don’t want to miss it! When I finally got myself down there for the first time two years ago, I was amazed at how cool it was. Can’t wait to go this year! Spread the word: click here to e-mail this entry to your friends!

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