Manly Man Candles!

*bump to top* Back in December, I chanced upon something called “Manly Man Candles” at Snyder’s drug (oops – edit) Pizzazz. The available scents were cool — Alpine, Cedar Forest, Leather, Hunting Lodge, etc. I grabbed a cedar candle, took it home, and reveled in the aroma. It’s woodsy & piney — awesome. Once it burned down, however, I forgot where I bought it, so I went Googling and found the site at Manly Man Candle Company. I couldn’t find the Cedar Forest candle, so bookmarked it and sadly forgot to check back.
And then on Saturday as I was strolling around the wonderful Farmer’s Market downtown, I came across a booth for the Manly Man Candle Company! I couldn’t believe it – was this a local retailer horning in the action? Nope…the man behind the booth and I got into a conversation – witty repartee and sales gags – and I discovered, much to my delight, that the Manly Man Candle Company is headquartered and operated just up the road in Power! Yep – it’s a Montana biz – how cool is that?

Manly Man Candle Company

Of course I picked up a few candles and promised to pimp the biz here on; these candles are way cool, and knowing that they’re practically created in Great Falls just makes ’em even sweeter. And Brent – the owner – and his family (Paige, Mindy, and baby due soon!) have such great attitudes that it’s infectious. And another bonus: he’s got a blog (and a MySpace page and Facebook page)! Power is close enough to Great Falls to be added to the GreaterFalls blogroll, so let’s recap: we’ve got a local business making a killer product, a new blog to add to the roll, and a web-savvy & cool family to hang with.
The bottom line: go visit the Manly Man Candle Company, and tell ’em Dave sent ya!

In The News

Wow, lots of stuff going on…first some good news from Aaron: the grocery store formerly known as the Downtown Albertson’s (on 1st Ave N and 7th Street) will soon be open for business again under the IGA banner! And Aaron reminds us over at Cataract City that YOU helped to make it happen – seriously. Good job, everyone!

– Didja catch GeeGuy on the KFBB news? A brief article about his quest to find out the what/why/etc of the coal-fired Highwood Generating Station – well done, GeeGuy. If the code on the HGS is ever cracked, we’ll have you to thank for leading the charge.

Neighborhood Council #4 will be meeting on Thursday at 6:30pm at Heritage Baptist Church (900 52nd Street North); topics will include problem properties, disorderly premise ordinance (with GFPD officer Noah Scott), the property near 900 52nd Street South, and other neighborhood concerns.

– Speaking of neighbors and neighborhoods…be sure to read what Firefly has to say about living in Great Falls, and why she appreciates it. Words of wisdom, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Goode’s Grill Open!

While we mourn the loss of one restaurant, we celebrate the opening of another: Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill! It’s located in the neat little log cabin on 15th Street North that used to be Frankie’s Diner (and Pam’s Friendly Diner before that). The owners & chefs are two brothers who hail from Simms, Larry & Harold Goode.

Goodes Q & Bayou Grill

I don’t think I’ve ever tried Cajun food…looking forward to giving Goode’s a test-drive!

Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill, located at 613 15th Street North; 406-761-5855
Open Sunday thru Tuesday from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm; Wednesday thru Saturday 6:30 am to 8:30 pm

Cold Stone Creamery; Joshua

The article that Dona referred to about Cold Stone Creamery is right here; it sure sounds bad, but I am cautiously optimistic that the Great Falls location will do well. Heck, after checking out the CSC website, it sounds like a fun place…makes me want to apply for a job there just so I can sing to the customers!

I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of love & support for Joshua, the beloved “mascot” of the Triple Crown hotel in downtown Great Falls. If anyone has a picture that I could post, please let me know.

Tuesday Stuff

Some sad news: I heard that Monty’s A Taste Of The West, the restaurant on Fox Farm & 10th Avenue South that used to be Elmer’s, will be closing soon. No word on whether it will become another restaurant. With so much new competition just around the corner, I think that location is doomed, unless Denny’s or IHOP takes over.

On a more positive note, Rob notes that Cold Stone Creamery will be opening in the Marketplace soon. Never heard of it, but it sure sounds cool (pun – get it?).

How about a free violin concert from an internationally-known musician? Lior Kaminetsky will be performing in Great Falls tomorrow (Wednesday) at the YWCA. GF Girl has the details.

GF Scanner is selling a ’97 Dodge Neon; good on mileage.

This is one of the cool things about having a community blog. We now understand who Joshua was, and are able to appreciate how much he meant to some folks.

Looking for someone to mow a couple of yards and possibly remove some downed tree limbs. Do you know a cash-hungry teen interested in earning a few bucks? Let me know.

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