Link Roundup!

Time for a good old-fashioned link roundup from fellow Great Falls and north-central Montana bloggers! Check ’em all out here, and if I’ve missed yours, let me know!

– Rhonda over at The Kitchen Witch has a simple recipe for Easy Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks – looks yummy! AND it looks simple enough that even I can do it!

– Jack offers his thoughts on the “Big Sky, Big Money” program that aired on PBS earlier this week.

Beautiful picture at Giant Springs taken by Todd.

– Kari, who lives up near Cut Bank, isn’t at all surprised by the change in weather 🙂

– And even a bit farther north, Courtney proclaims the Joys of A Riding Snowblower!

– Gregg has penned a letter to our municipal leaders which states, in part: “Great Falls is a nice community, but let us be honest: there are many, many nice communities in this state. Which ones are going to be around and growing 20 years from now? When I find it is much easier for business people to open and operate in Missoula or Bozeman, and it is, you have a problem. This is my home; I was born and raised in this community, have many family roots here, and feel very loyal to it. I am a staunch defender of Great Falls. If you are losing me, there must be others who feel the same way.”


Great Falls Bloggers
If you’re a blogger here in Great Falls or the surrounding area (north-central Montana) and want to be added to the list, or if you know of one, please leave a comment, use the Contact form, or e-mail me: david AT

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Supermoms Are Fake (Donna Evaro)
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Wedge Blog (Claire Baiz)
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Friday Linkage

– Want a good pot roast recipe? The Kitchen Witch has you covered. Best quote: “I did it the TKW way, browned it in bacon fat, yeah baby!”

– Jack’s weekly “Caught My Eye” is up, with political commentary, fun links, and plenty of etcetera.

– Congratulations to Courtney and hubby on the arrival of the Wee Bee! Adorable!

– Always nice to see Jamie around town – yesterday it was at Central Catholic – and in case you hadn’t heard, his novel has now spent 8,760 hours on the New York Times bestseller list.

– Claire offers her thoughts on the EU vegetable scare, including this tidbit: “E. Coli does not come from vegetable sources. If you show me a carrot that shits, I’ll eat my words, and I’ll eat the carrot and take my chances.” Well…as an avowed anti-vegetablist (is that a word?), I’m still not going to take any chances on carrots, just to be safe.

– Fun! stopped in at My Viola yesterday to pick up an arrangement for my beautiful fiancee’s birthday, and I really enjoyed the artwork that is on display. Turns out that the artist is Sheree North – who just happens to have a WP-powered website, mad props! – and she will be at My Viola tonight for the First Friday Art Walk! BONUS: one of the pages on her site is titled Whimsy – love it. Here’s one of her pieces on the wall at My Viola:

Friday Linkage

If it’s Friday, it’s time for Jack’s weekly “Caught My Eye” column!

Claire takes a trip through the New York Times, of course with her own brand of insight.

Amy usually specializes on photographing people, but has some fun kitteh pix today.

Courtney’s latest entry has a wonderful title: “Send Lawyers, Guns…And Beekeepers.”

Jamie offers up an entertaining “excuse” note for his daughter.

And don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE for Central Catholic High School!


Jenny shares her secret recipe for mushroom & Swiss burgers. Mmmmm…burgers…

Some commentary about the proposed “southern arterial” over at ECW. I used to think it was a great idea…but in light of recent government budget woes and overspending at so many levels, I’m not sure it would be a wise investment.

Amy and her hubby are selling “honey supers.” I know nothing about beekeeping, but it sounds like a good deal. And how often do you get to use the word “apiary” in a blog post?

Are you enjoying the weather this week? Fred notes that Great Falls tied a record high on Tuesday. Sigh. Yes, it’s nice, but I’m already feeling nostalgic for snow.

Noticed a new Great Falls site a couple of weeks ago: Great Falls Montana Shopping. Starting slow, but seems to be growing. Worth checking out.

Travis Kavulla (who I first encountered here) has launched a website for his campaign to be elected to the Public Service Commission. Go, Travis, go!

Also: don’t forget to vote for the Hughes brothers! They’re trying to score a big prize in their quest to bring video-game design to Great Falls. Learn more here, and vote for them here!

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