Wanna Buy A Bison? (EDIT: BULL)

There’s a neat bison sculpture for sale – it’s on display outside of the Fair CLaim building on 1st Avenue North in downtown Great Falls. Looks like it’s made from horse-shoes. I’m not certain, but I think it might be one of the “Bison Parade” sculptures from a few years ago. No idea how much it would cost to take it home – but if I had the $$$, it would be in my front…


The annual cross-town football game is on tonight — CMR Rustlers versus Great Falls Bison. Since my wife and my daughters are CMR grads, my heart is with the Rustlers…but you all know that I think bison are pretty much the most awesomest creatures on the planet…so either way, I’m OK with the outcome. Here’s a couple of pre-game photos that GFPS superintendent Tammy Lacey shared via Twitter…and yes, I think it’s pretty cool that…

Bison vs Buffalo

Know the difference. There’s a reason that the Great Falls High School team is called the BISON. We don’t have “buffaloes” in Montana.

Bison, Bison, Bison

My two bison checking out one of their cousins on their Droid, wondering how he got in there.

Two Bison

What’s better than one plastic pet bison? TWO plastic pet bison!

Bison Lodge

People love to talk about what can be done to make Great Falls more attractive, bring in more tourists, etc. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas…they may be half-baked, but they’re mine – and I really think that they stand a good chance at boosting the image of Great Falls, and quite possibly bringing in more dollars. Here’s the first of several of my ideas. The Bison Lodge! This was inspired by my recent discovery (via…

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