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Candidate Interviews

A visitor left a comment on an election-related entry from 2007, wondering which of our current crop of candidates are “animal-friendly.” Over at KRTV.com, there are video interviews with all of the candidates for Mayor and City Commission. Don’t know if any of them specifically addressed animal welfare. The Tribune also has an election section, but nothing specifically about animals that I noticed.

Would love some feedback, though – any animal/pet-lovers have insight into where the candidates stand on animal-related issues? Or better yet – any candidates want to leave a comment (or post a guest-entry) about their thoughts on such issues?

Taking A Break

Watched three squirrels playing in the backyard yesterday – eyeing each other, giving chase, pausing to nibble, then more chasing up & down the trees and around the yard – and at one point this little fella just sorta plopped down on a branch, let his arms (paws?) hang down, and even closed his eyes for a few seconds…the other squirrels just wore him out!

Relaxed Squirrel
(click for larger pic)

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Joshua The Dachschund

Finally got a picture of Joshua, courtesy of Shane – thanks.

Josh At Gibson Park.jpgI want to thank you for giving Josh’s friends a venue to post comments about him, we are all grieving his passing in our own way. He was very special. I finally found a picture I took of him a couple of years ago when I took him to Gibson Park for a walk one summer day. Its not the best, but its the only one I have of him.

And I decided to edit the comment from Chris in the original Joshua entry; it was mean-spirited and causing unnecessary grief for the folks who loved Josh.

UPDATE: comments on this entry have been closed; please leave any comments about Joshua in the RIP Joshua entry.

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Cold Stone Creamery; Joshua

The article that Dona referred to about Cold Stone Creamery is right here; it sure sounds bad, but I am cautiously optimistic that the Great Falls location will do well. Heck, after checking out the CSC website, it sounds like a fun place…makes me want to apply for a job there just so I can sing to the customers!

I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of love & support for Joshua, the beloved “mascot” of the Triple Crown hotel in downtown Great Falls. If anyone has a picture that I could post, please let me know.

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