Reversal of Fortune

Just read over at the Great Falls Tribune that the school board (with 3 new members) voted to reverse last year’s decision to close East Middle School. Instead, it will be Paris Gibson Middle School that gets shuttered. Wow. Quite a turn of events.

Be Safe

People in Great Falls are a bit on edge this week due to a third (possible) child-abduction attempt. It’s the third time in three days young kids in Great Falls have reported that a man in a station wagon tried to pick them up. The vehicle is described as a rusty brown station wagon with…

Boulder Ridge

I’ve been here for over two years, and yet until I saw an ad in Montana Living magazine yesterday, I had never heard of Boulder Ridge. What is it? Bed and Breakfast? Resort? Lodge? Boulder Ridge is different things to different people. Our accommodations are very flexible to fit your needs. Whether you are looking…

Greater Falls

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