Thar Be Geese Here!

One of the highlights of May is seeing the little baby Canada geese along the Missouri River. Their parents march them back-n-forth across River Road, and drivers are almost unfailingly courteous as they patiently wait for all of the goslings to complete the treacherous journey. Of course, having Ma & Pa Goose staring you down from the middle of the road can be a bit intimidating. Using my admittedly less-than-stellar phone-camera, I snapped some pix today on the way home from work. Enjoy!

Bison Parade!

how cute! I’m sure most of you remember the Cow Parade several years ago: life-size (or more!) cows made of various materials were decorated by artists and placed on display in various cities. I purchased a few of the tiny collectibles! The Cow Parade is still going, by the way.

Well, now comes the Montana version: the Bison Parade! Actually, it’s called the Buffalo Hunt. Many decorated bison will be on display in various venues, and will eventually be sold at auction to benefit the C.M. Russell Museum. You can view them all in this GF Tribune gallery. The next public viewing will be in a parade at 5:30 p.m. on June 2 on Central Avenue. Then they will be displayed throughout the city at various locations until Sept. 10 (including at the Montana State Fair!), which is when they will be sold at auction at Montana ExpoPark.

Cool Beans

Cool Beans Coffee Pub, 512 Central Avenue, 406/454-8860

If you’re strolling around downtown Great Falls and want to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee (or espresso, or capuccino, etc), then stop in to Cool Beans Coffee Pub. Very nice atmosphere, with some nifty artwork on the walls, comfy couches to lounge in, and plenty of treats to enjoy with your coffee. Bonus: a very cool website, including a few things that are great about Great Falls!

BRAC: The List

Here is the official BRAC list that was released today. Malmstrom Air Force Base is NOT on the list, which is good news for Great Falls, although the 120th Fighter Wing of the Montana Air National Guard appears to be taking a direct hit with the proposed retirement of most of the assigned F-16 fighter jets and the re-alignment of others to ANG units in other states. Former Great Falls resident and soon-to-be-world-famous geologist Kim has a few more details, and current Great Falls resident gguy offers a few thoughts.

Be Safe

People in Great Falls are a bit on edge this week due to a third (possible) child-abduction attempt. It’s the third time in three days young kids in Great Falls have reported that a man in a station wagon tried to pick them up.

The vehicle is described as a rusty brown station wagon with a broken front grill. It may also be medium-sized with a boxy-shape. Police describe the suspect as a white male, between the age of 35 and 40. They believe he wears glasses, has acne scars and a scar or scratch on the left-side of his face.

UPDATE: Police are responding to dozens of tips & leads…if you have any information about this case, call the Great Falls Police Department at 771-1180.

And on a related note, you should probably check the Montana Sexual & Violent Offender Registry periodically to stay informed about who your neighbors might be. Sad that this is necessary, but better safe than sorry.

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