Play Ball!

I’m not much of a sports fan, but it’s always good to see that the local baseball team has a website: the Great Falls White Sox! You can check out the schedule, the roster of players, play trivia, get ticket information, and so on. If you’re a Sox fan, definitely worth checking out.

July 4th

Made my first-ever trip to Black Eagle Park this evening, and found it to be quite fun. Needs a little bit of TLC, but a very nice park. And it’s got one loooooong slide! Special thanks to BECKY for the delicious smores that she made! Then off for a bite to eat at the new Flying J up on Gore Hill (next to the Crystal Inn). And then we watched the fireworks from the top…

There She Is…

…Mrs Great Falls! I didn’t know that such a competition existed, but kudos to the winner, Mrs Kandi Stoebe. I’m a bit puzzled, though; for a competition that is so heavily weighted towards how attractive the contestants are, I thought that the Tribune article would have featured a picture. UPDATE: here’s a picture of Mrs Great Falls (scroll down).

Fun For The Fourth!

The City of Great Falls website has all of the information you need to know about what’s legal – and what’s not – when it comes to fireworks here in Great Falls. The official city-sponsored fireworks show is at 10:30 tonight. And if you need to cool down, try the Electric City Water Park – fun for the whole family, and perfect for a bright, warm day like today.

Up Above

My friend Todd snapped this picture as he was returning to Great Falls several months ago; pretty cool! I like trying to identify landmarks in pictures like this.

Changing Channels

As of today, KTGF (channel 12 cable, or channel 16 non-cable) is now a Fox affiliate, with some UPN programming thrown in, too. That’s cool, because we haven’t had a local Fox affiliate until now. The NBC affiliation has gone to newcomer KBGF…but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the digital cable lineup yet. UPDATE: Found it – KBGF is broadcasting on cable-channel 6 (non-cable 50) under the name “Beartooth NBC.” Looks like…

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