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Well, the mercury finally cracked the 75 degree mark in Great Falls yesterday. I know that’s probably very nice for most folks, but it makes me a little sad (in a way) to know that Summer has arrived. I’ll enjoy parts of it — the sunshine, the fans blowing, etc — but I won’t enjoy the temperatures once they get above 80 degrees. Sigh.

Stop Thief!

If you live in Great Falls, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the wonderfully whimsical painted bison around town. Would you believe that some jackass (or jackasses) actually took one and left it alongside the highway amidst a pile of beer cans? Grrrrr. I hope the criminal left fingerprints on the bison and the police track him (or her) down.

Cinderella City?

Fellow Montana blogger Randy alerted me to the June 5th editorial in the Great Falls Tribune (print copy here), which noted that Great Falls businesswoman Claire Baiz lamented the less-than-stellar image that Great Falls has when compared to other Montana towns:

“Sadly,” she wrote, “Great Falls fills the role of the ugly stepsister of Montana cities. You want the smart one, date Missoula. You want the rowdy one, see Butte. The up-and-comer? Billings. The sister with clout? Helena. The popular girls? Try the Valley Girls from Kalispell or Bozeman.”

So…how to remedy the image of Great Falls? What makes Great Falls unique among Montana towns? Well, this website that you’re reading tells you what I think of our community: Greater Falls sums it up. I love it, like I’ve never loved any other location that I’ve spent time in. But why? I’ll start posting some of my reasons over the next several weeks, and if you want to add your two cents, please leave a comment here or e-mail me at david @


During a drive around town today I spotted a few of the whimsical, decorated bison sculptures; took a few pictures with my camera-phone, but believe me, they are much more impressive in person. The ones that I saw were in front of Fox Fine Jewelers, US Bank (downtown), DA Davidson Plaza, Old Milwaukee Station, and First Interstate Bank at the Marketplace. There are lots more scattered throughout town, including one at Best Western Heritage Inn and another at Stockman Bank on 10th Avenue South. Go see ’em!

Basketball In Great Falls

Great Falls Cowboys The story so far: the newly-formed All American Professional Basketball League (AAPBL) is gearing up for season #1 and have selected cities & team names, in addition to a motto for the AAPBL: “A Bounce Away From The NBA!

The teams in the league are: Great Falls Cowboys; Billings Rims; Butte Bandits; Wyoming Golden Eagles; Pueblo Aztecs; Lincoln Generals; Cedar Rapids Ball Hogs; Wichita Bombers; Topeka Tornado ; Mankato Mallards

The league is divided into two divisions: Mountain and Plains. The season opener for the Cowboys will be on November 9th at the Four Seasons Arena, with 30 more home games on the schedule. The head coach is Kermit Young, and the associate coaches are Larry Lucero and Mike McLean. Also: if you’re really excited about the Cowboys and enjoy jumping and yelling, it might not be too late to apply for the Cowboys cheerleaders — call 452.7168 to apply.

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