Ryan Dam

After nearly three years here, I *finally* visited Ryan Dam – and loved it. It was really beautiful, even on this very cloudy day. It was about 12 miles from Great Falls, and very easy to find. Once there, I crossed the gently-swaying bridge to the island, where there were a couple of wedding parties, and enjoyed the view of the falls, the river, the cliffs, and the island itself. I took some pix with my phone, although its 640×480 resolution is not well-suited to such splendor. I had originally planned to attend an short interpretive walk a few hundred yards up from the island, courtesy of the MT FWP service, but I was running 30 minutes late, so I just went on down to the island. While I was enjoying the view, I crossed paths with an FWP staffer named Chris Dantic; we struck up a conversation, he handed me some nifty brochures about the Dam and Falls, and it turns out that he was the one who conducts the interpretive tours — nice guy, full of information about the entire Great Falls area — thanks, Chris! I learned that when Lewis & Clark referenced the “Great Falls” of the Missouri, it was actually Ryan Falls that they were talking about. Quite a stunning location — ideal for picnics, parties, and just basking in some natural beauty.

Hello, Sam!

Quite a surprise when I was flipping through the FM dial during lunch: instead of hearing the usual thrash/alt metal/hard-rock on 107.3, I heard “You Aint’ Seen Nothin’ Yet” by BTO, followed by “Good Thing” from The Fine Young Cannibals. A few minutes later, the Rolling Stones with “Mixed Emotions”…and then Al Stewart’s “Year Of The Cat.” Whoa! Looks like there’s been a serious format change at 107.3! Continue reading


Some of you may be familiar with the Young Enthusiast Society (Great Falls), which goes by the name of YES! The primary goal of YES! is to promote Great Falls as a great place to live & work, particularly for young professionals. One of the YES! featured activities is “Urban Theater,” which will air the movie “Spy Kids 3” tomorrow:

July 8th will be the third of four Urban Theaters for 2005. Bring the family out to the Davidson Circle Plaza to see ‘Spy Kids 3-D’. Bring a chair and a blanket, 3-D glasses will be provided.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do on Friday night – particularly with the kids – head on down to watch the show!


Sure, I’m glad that we now have both an NBC affiliate AND a Fox affiliate…but there does appear to be a downside: I can’t find syndicated episodes of “The Simpsons” on TV anymore! No more back-to-back episodes at 5:30 and 6:00 pm. Maybe they are being aired locally, just at a different time, and I haven’t found them yet. If you know of syndicated episodes airing here in Great Falls, let me know! UPDATE: well, maybe not…there was an episode on at 6:00 pm on Wednesday on channel 12 (KTGF)…maybe there’s still a little bit of confusion over who is going to air what programs.

July 4th

Made my first-ever trip to Black Eagle Park this evening, and found it to be quite fun. Needs a little bit of TLC, but a very nice park. And it’s got one loooooong slide! Special thanks to BECKY for the delicious smores that she made! Then off for a bite to eat at the new Flying J up on Gore Hill (next to the Crystal Inn). And then we watched the fireworks from the top of the hill behind Home Depot…the city display was OK, but what was really amazing was watching fireworks going off ALL OVER TOWN! There wasn’t a single second from about 10:00 until 11:00 pm that the sky wasn’t lit up from one end to the other – pretty wild. Hope you had a great Independence Day!

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