Day Trip

Tom, who maintains the excellent “Out There With Tom” blog, has a pretty nifty overview of a day-trip to Sluice Box State Park. It’s only ~30 miles from Great Falls, it’s a relatively easy hike, and offers some nice scenery. I haven’t had the pleasure of hiking here in Montana yet, but Tom’s post has convinced me to give it a shot by starting with Sluice Boxes. Any of you folks been out that way and have a story to tell, or pictures to share?


One of the fixtures here in Great Falls is “Larry The Homeless Guy.” I don’t know if that’s his name, but that’s what everyone calls him. You can see him just about every day, pushing or pulling his large cart of belongings along 6th Street, or on Central Avenue, or sometimes across the 10th Avenue South bridge. The kids all “know” his story: he’s actually a millionaire, he’s got mental problems but won’t take his medications, he’s married with several kids, he invented an incredible device, he was a war hero, and so on. So I put it to you: do you know anything about “Larry The Homeless Guy?” UPDATE: thanks to the comment from Dona, I found a picture of Larry at the GF Trib site.

RiverFest 2005

Don’t forget — the 2nd Annual RiverFest will be held tomorrow — Saturday, July 15th! Among the offerings are live music, pony rides and petting zoo (yay!), a (plastic) duck race, plenty of good eats, and lots of other fun. Here’s some pix from last year – and my pix from last year – plenty to enjoy. I’ll be there, sporting my nifty new Big Sky Blog t-shirt (oops…overslept and too tired – next year for sure!). The weather is supposed to be perfect, so there’s no reason not to come on down and enjoy! Oh – and don’t forget the sunscreen.


Greetings to the visitors arriving courtesy of the Great Falls Tribune article (written by Rich Ecke – thanks!)! Hope you enjoy your visit here at — it’s a “web log” (blog) about my favorite place: Great Falls, Montana! It’s a pretty new site – only been up since May — but I add to it several times each week, trying to highlight the nice people, great scenery, cool events, and other good things about Great Falls. Take a look around the site; visit some of the other Great Falls bloggers; leave a comment on any of the entries…enjoy your visit, and thanks for stopping by!

Ryan Dam

After nearly three years here, I *finally* visited Ryan Dam – and loved it. It was really beautiful, even on this very cloudy day. It was about 12 miles from Great Falls, and very easy to find. Once there, I crossed the gently-swaying bridge to the island, where there were a couple of wedding parties, and enjoyed the view of the falls, the river, the cliffs, and the island itself. I took some pix with my phone, although its 640×480 resolution is not well-suited to such splendor. I had originally planned to attend an short interpretive walk a few hundred yards up from the island, courtesy of the MT FWP service, but I was running 30 minutes late, so I just went on down to the island. While I was enjoying the view, I crossed paths with an FWP staffer named Chris Dantic; we struck up a conversation, he handed me some nifty brochures about the Dam and Falls, and it turns out that he was the one who conducts the interpretive tours — nice guy, full of information about the entire Great Falls area — thanks, Chris! I learned that when Lewis & Clark referenced the “Great Falls” of the Missouri, it was actually Ryan Falls that they were talking about. Quite a stunning location — ideal for picnics, parties, and just basking in some natural beauty.

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