“Welcome To Great Falls!”

One of my favorite sights in Great Falls, and one that I drive by every day, is the “Welcome To Great Falls” near the intersection of 10th Avenue South and Fox Farm Road. The sign is surrounded by trees, lush grass, and rocks, and was one of the first things that I ever saw when I arrived in 2002. There’s a “twin” over on the east side of 10th Avenue South, too, which is just as welcoming. And now, both of these areas have been spruced up, thanks to a group of energetic young folks sponsored by the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce:

“The 38 members of the 2004-05 Leadership Great Falls class spent the past nine months digging into the inner workings of their community. They also spent the end of last week digging in to make the community a better place, literally.

The class spent two days sprucing up the “Welcome to Great Falls” landscapes on the west and east ends of 10th Avenue South. They painted signs, pulled weeds, planted shrubs, cut sod, mulched and added river rock.”

I appreciate their hard work — it certainly makes ME feel welcome every time I drive by!

You’ve Seen The Rest…

…now see The Best! I’m not entirely sure what criteria were used to make this judment, but apparently Joan Cook is — and I quote — “Montana’s best attorney.” Well, since I haven’t seen any other Montana lawyers make such a claim, I’ll take this statement at face value. And besides, with Angus as the law firm’s mascot, I sure wouldn’t want to counter her claim.

Giant Springs State Park

giant springs After Keri told me how great it was, I finally (FINALLY!) visited Giant Springs State Park today…and now I’m kicking myself for not having visited much sooner! It is the largest freshwater spring in America — neat! — and located on the NE side of Great Falls, just past the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. It was great: geese a-plenty (not this kind!) (lots of babies!), a few bunnies, some ducks, stunning greenery and trees, amazing springs, and even a fish factory — very cool. And the shortest river in the world, the Roe River — very cute. Walked about a mile or two along the river and took one of the mini-trails with a great view back to the park (still trying to figure out what this plant is). Wow. If you haven’t visited yet, be sure to add it to your list of Places To Go.

Great Falls Fans

Drove by the Carmike theatre at about 9:00pm this evening, and was only slightly surprised to see a line of Star Wars fans waiting for the midnight premiere. Perhaps 50 or so folks, mostly between 16-25 years old, about 70% male. Some had mock lightsabers, but I didn’t notice any costumes.

Thar Be Geese Here!

One of the highlights of May is seeing the little baby Canada geese along the Missouri River. Their parents march them back-n-forth across River Road, and drivers are almost unfailingly courteous as they patiently wait for all of the goslings to complete the treacherous journey. Of course, having Ma & Pa Goose staring you down from the middle of the road can be a bit intimidating. Using my admittedly less-than-stellar phone-camera, I snapped some pix today on the way home from work. Enjoy!

Bison Parade!

how cute! I’m sure most of you remember the Cow Parade several years ago: life-size (or more!) cows made of various materials were decorated by artists and placed on display in various cities. I purchased a few of the tiny collectibles! The Cow Parade is still going, by the way.

Well, now comes the Montana version: the Bison Parade! Actually, it’s called the Buffalo Hunt. Many decorated bison will be on display in various venues, and will eventually be sold at auction to benefit the C.M. Russell Museum. You can view them all in this GF Tribune gallery. The next public viewing will be in a parade at 5:30 p.m. on June 2 on Central Avenue. Then they will be displayed throughout the city at various locations until Sept. 10 (including at the Montana State Fair!), which is when they will be sold at auction at Montana ExpoPark.

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