Explore! The Results

The Explore! The Big Sky month-long event has come to an end, and it looks like final attendance figures didn’t quite meet expectations: an estimated 40,000 visitors came through Great Falls and Fort Benton. Financially, it didn’t turn out too well, either: the deficit incurred by EBS is estimated at more than $500,000. Overall it appears that tourism was up due to EBS and Lewis & Clark events, which is good, but the increase didn’t come close to what organizers had predicted. Read more

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Um…did anyone else feel a bit of shaking at about 10:08 pm on Monday night? I was at the computer and suddenly the monitor seemed a bit jiggly — it disoriented me for a moment — then I noticed the stuff on top of the desk (router, pocket-pc, etc) kind of tremble…so I stood up, and I kind of wobbled a bit, and then the whole house kind of rumbled and gave a good shake. What the heck? Was it a mild tremor? Did something crash nearby? Weird… UPDATE: trying to access the Montana Tech earthquake site — and getting a message that the page can’t be displayed because too many people are trying to access it…hmmm…and FYI here is a brief history of earthquake activity in Montana.

UPDATE @ 10:27: Osbasso down in Helena is reporting an earthquake, too.

UPDATE @ 10:28: CONFIRMATION from KIM! — location approx 13 miles from Dillon! If you felt it, then GO HERE and fill out a USGS survey! Number of reports coming in from Helena, Livingston, Great Falls, and lots of other places. Map of areas reporting in. Read more

GF Blog Roundup

What’s going on in the world of Great Falls bloggers? First I’d like to introduce you all to a couple of new-to-me blogs: Domestic Life, which is owned & operated by a young couple with two small children, and features regular podcasts; and I Have No Idea, from RayRay74. Go say hi to both of them! Keri enjoyed her vacation and is off to Idaho on a business trip; the York Street Bum has some thoughts on free speech and being offended; GGuy has moved into a new house and won’t have internet access until next week, but promises news about some “extravagance” regarding the over-hyped L&C events; AJ Tooley, in addition to challenging us to name favorite burger joints, has another chapter in his Yellowstone story up; Aaron hasn’t posted in a couple of weeks – come on back, Aaron; SanityElludesMe is off for a mini-vacation – leave her some smiley comments to enjoy when she returns! And finally, did you notice the unusual clouds over Great Falls yesterday? I’ve seen clouds like that before – in Oklahoma, but never here. Cool!

Three Years!

It was three years ago this evening that I arrived in Great Falls — and knew almost immediately that I had found Home. Never in my life have I met such friendly people, nor lived in such a wonderful community. Four seasons, kind & honest people, beautiful scenery — thank you, Great Falls, for making me and my family feel so welcome. Thanks for being my home.

Burger Time

AJ has an entry about an article that lists the 20 best burgers in America – and rightly points out that the burger “researcher” probably didn’t sample any burgers from Great Falls. So I put to the diners of Great Falls: where do you go for The Best Burger here in town? I enjoy the “Chuck Burger” at Good Time Charlie’s — it’s a double, so it’s twice as good!

It’s All Greek To Me

If you live in Great Falls, then you’ve almost certainly tried one of the delicious gyros at Little Athens (tucked away in the mall), and enjoyed the good cheer of the owners, Andreas and Aspasia Geranios. They have worked very hard for many years to make Little Athens a comfortable place to get something a little out of the ordinary, and now they are being rewarded: an all-expense paid “forced” vacation back to Greece, courtesy of their children! The kids are minding the store while Andreas and Aspasia visit relatives and friends back home — if you get a chance, stop by this week and say howdy and tell them that they are good children!

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