Ice Ice Baby

There are lots of ice fans here in Great Falls, and there is an organization to serve them: the Great Falls Community Ice Foundation. The reason for the GFCIF:

The mission of the Great Falls Community Ice Foundation is to provide affordable Hockey, Figure, and Recreational Skating for the greatest number of citizens, young and old, and for all skill levels.

You can donate to the cause of bringing ice to Great Falls; you can learn about the basics of hockey; see who serves on the board; and check out upcoming events. If you’re a fan of ice hockey, ice skating, or anything ice-related, check it out.

Taking Your Ball And Going Home

Well, darn. You all know that I’m not much of a sports fan, but even I was pretty excited about the minor-league basketball team that was due to begin playing here in Great Falls in November. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t have the Great Falls Cowboys after all; in fact, the league itself has folded, and there will be no minor-league b-ball in Great Falls – or Butte, Billings, and so on. What a shame. The creator of the AAPBL apparently ran short of funds and decided to pull the plug…and adding insult to injury, this came just days after a bunch of hopefuls paid $1,000 each to participate in a training camp. The GF Cowboys even had a booth at the MT state fair, selling tickets, hats, mugs, and such. If you bought one of these souvenirs, who knows…it might be a collectible someday. The slogan for the AAPBL was “A Bounce Away…From The NBA.” Perhaps a more fitting slogan would have been, “A Bounce Away…From Reality.”

All’s Fair In…

Time for the annual Montana State Fair – right here in Great Falls! So – who’s going? What are you looking forward to at the Fair? Or are you skipping it? I might go to see the animals and enjoy the food, but I’m not a big fan of carnival rides.
UPDATE: wheeeeee! I went to the fair on Saturday – spent nearly five hours there and LOVED it – here are a few pix! It cost $2 to see the white bengal tigers – and it was the best $2 I’ve spent in a long time – they are BEAUTIFUL creatures, and the two babies were amazing. Also: Rachel saw Big & Rich in concert and has some great pictures to prove it!

X Marks The SAM

Despite my appreciation for the newest radio station in Great Falls – SAM @ 107.3 – it appears that some people are quite upset about the decision to change the format, going from death/thrash-metal to the eclectic “Jack” format. The writer states that Great Falls derived great benefit from the death-metal format – even citing the creation of the Riverside Railyard Skatepark as one example of the power of “X.” Well, as far as not liking the new “random” format, I’ve heard this complaint from a few friends and co-workers – but the number of people that I’ve talked to that LIKE the new format definitely outnumber the ones who prefer the death-metal format. So let’s put it to a vote: do you prefer the old X-107, or do you enjoy the new SAM?

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