Starbucks Shout-Out!

Time once again for a Starbucks Shout-Out to the great crew that prepares my Iced Venti Americano With Eight Shots! Cecilia, Marshall, Holly, Sam, Andy, Amber, Martha, and the rest of the gang – thanks for making my days happier!

And for previous Starbucky goodness: Starbucks grand opening; Starbucks closes for 3 hours; Starbucks hiring; breakfast at Starbucks; and SBUX shout-out!

Sonic REALLY Open

Noticed this morning that Sonic has finally removed the cones from the entrances – looks like it is really, truly, finally open for regular business, with no more staging area!

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Pig Races!

Finally made it to the Montana State Fair – great fun! My favorite part – duh – was the petting zoo. Zebra, cows, goats, emu (!), alpacas, camel – so cute! Enjoyed some Cold Hard Cash music, drank lots of lemonade, tried the Cattleman’s Cut “prime rib melt” sandwich (awesome!), ran into Great Falls good guy Tim Austin, and enjoyed the PIG RACES!

Tribune Cheers (+1 jeer)

Three cheers for the Great Falls Tribune – they did a great job on the “micro-site” that they created about Walter Breuning. It’s got a timeline, highlighting key events in Walter’s life and how it related to current events at the time; several videos and pictures; and links to previous articles. And in a show of good sportsmanship, given the historic nature of Walter becoming the oldest living man in the world, they even included a link to the coverage of Walter. Well done, Trib.

One jeer, however, for not knowing the difference between a Soldier and a Sailor.

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