“Contact” Update

Some more detective work in the entry below; looks like someone has set up “Montana Invasion” and “Great Falls Invasion” websites that have pictures of and links to UFO and monster movies (War of The Worlds, etc). But there is also a link to www.Invasion.net, which appears to be some sort of “in your face” (ie, youth-targeted and “hip”) Christian ministry. Two thoughts: Continue reading

Big Sale!

According to the radio ads, the “world’s biggest garage sale” (!) will be held on Saturday (January 12th) at the Montana ExpoPark (Trades and Industry building). I suppose it’s like a huge flea market, with vendors paying a small fee to set up a booth and then selling whatever they want to. I imagine a pretty good turnout. Any of you folks planning to either sell stuff or attend? And if you are going to be selling stuff, leave an comment here telling everyone what you will have up for grabs! The sale will run from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.

UPDATE: “early birds” can get in at 8:00 am for a $3.00 fee; open to the general public at 9:00 am at no cost.

“Contact” Theory

More billboards. Radio ads. TV ads. Updates on the website. Obviously, someone (Banik?) is going to a lot of trouble to get our attention, and it’s working. Lots of us are talking about it and trying to figure out the “WeMakeContact” mystery. As I told my buddy Todd via e-mail today, the site visits here to GreaterFalls.com are through the roof the last few days with people searching for clues…in fact, I probably couldn’t have come up with a better promotional campaign for GreaterFalls! But the mystery remains: what is it all about? What will be unveiled on January 15? One theory is that the marketing campaign is on behalf of Chili’s. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s it, for several reasons.

First, Chili’s doesn’t need any advertising in our small community, and especially not on this scale. It’s a nationally-known name-brand, and in Great Falls, word spreads quickly – everyone has known for months that Chili’s is coming. Second, AFAIK, Chili’s has never used cryptic advertising – UFO sightings and coded messages. Their ad campaigns all revolve around the food, the fun, and the chili pepper. Third, the advertised date is January 15, and there is no way that Chili’s will be ready to open next Tuesday. If you’ve driven by, it’s pretty clear that the grand opening is at least several weeks away, perhaps even a couple months.

So where does that leave us? With a few clues: fake UFOs, invasion, January 15, making contact. Like the tree said to the lumberjack: I’m stumped!

Aye, There’s The Rub

Remember when we gave Monty’s A Taste Of The West a test-drive a few weeks ago? I was put off by the unannounced flavor on my ribeye steak, and had to send it back in exchange for a new un-flavored steak. Well, now we know why, courtesy of the Trib’s restaurant reviewer:

John has developed a steak rub, used first at his own backyard barbecues and brought to the restaurant at the urging of friends. He is so sure that you will like it, he serves the rub on all the steaks, no steak sauce needed. Top sirloin, New York, center-cut rib steak and tenderloin are the cuts available. Of course you can have yours without if you want.

Well…no offense, John, but the rub just didn’t cut it for me. I’m glad that so many customers do enjoy it, but it might be a good idea to let people know about the rub before they order a steak.

QUESTION: when you order a steak, would you be disappointed (or upset) if it had a sauce, rub, or marinade on it that you did NOT know about when you ordered it?

Sunday Night

As far as I know (aka AFAIK!), the debut of “Montana People” with Karen Wolf will air at 10:00 pm on KTGF tonight; take a look and see what you think. UPDATE, 10:56 pm: nope – nothing but an informercial. Anyone know when the show is supposed to air?

Check the local news for developments in the Great Falls Explorers story – looks like the team (and the league?) is in trouble. Sad, if true. Is it possible for a town of our size to support a semi-pro team?

An alleged shoplifter was apprehended yesterday, which is good…but check out the resources that were used to capture him: seven patrol cars, a K9 unit and the Customs Boarder (sic) Patrol helicopter. Wow. I’d wager that the suspect was wanted on more than mere shoplifting charges and assault.

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