Miss Montana: DUI?

This isn’t good: Jennifer Hepner, the current Miss Montana, who hails from Great Falls and is a CMR grad, may be facing a DUI charge. The Trib article says that she pleaded not guilty to the charge, but note also this:

But Hepner, who pleaded not guilty at her initial court appearance, filed a petition in Gallatin County District Court on Feb. 4. She said the traffic stop and arrest were illegal, and the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure.

There’s no way this is going to wind up looking good: either Miss Montana was driving under the influence, or the Bozeman police may have acted improperly.

See also the previous entry on Hepner.

Miss Montana Jennifer Hepner


HOT TIP from a loyal reader: “If I remember right, someone asked about a big yellow chicken last spring. The chicken turned out to be “Cluck” the mascot for Pizza Hut WingStreet. Rumor has it that Cluck is on the loose again and will be in the vicinity of the new Marketplace Pizza Hut location TONIGHT. I just wanted to give you a heads-up so you can catch all the action for yourself!” I noticed the other day that the Pizza Hut sign was up, but wasn’t sure if they were open yet. If I can get over there tonight, I’ll try to snap some pix/video!

Commercial Time

Commercials! On radio and TV in Great Falls. Love ‘em and hate ‘em. The Ferrin’s radio spot drives me nuts, because I can’t make out all of the words in the jingle (Discover Ferrin’s ?quality?, etc). The Cartridge World ad is on both radio and TV, and I know most of you can repeat the opening lines verbatim, and with emphasis (I refuse! Absolutely no way! Not while I buy the office supplies!). I know that there are professional awards that the ad agencies & creators compete for, but I wonder if we ought to have a “people’s choice” awards ceremony for local commercials.

Which reminds me: um…how many of you have seen the latest TV ad for Pierce auto? UPDATE: yep – as wolfpack noted, it’s the one where Dave Pierce is standing on the neck of an “Arab.” That’s the implication, at least.

MORE: you’ll never believe who was behind me in line at Starbucks mid-morning…and yes, I did ask him about the ad.

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