Headed To The Polls

Most of you know that I moved to Great Falls over five years ago, courtesy of the US Air Force. Until a few days ago, I had retained my Texas (yuck) residency, as I had during my entire 20 years in the Air Force. But now that I have retired from the Air Force (officially on December 1), I was finally able to do something that I have been looking forward to since arriving here: I am now an official Montana resident – and a Montana voter! I got my Montana driver’s license a few weeks ago, and also registered to vote; I called the Cascade County elections office last week and confirmed that I can now vote in Montana. Hooray!

And speaking of voting…the election for Mayor and two City Commissioners is on Tuesday, November 6. Here’s what you need to know if you want to vote (courtesy of the Trib): Continue reading

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October 30

What’s so special about October 30? Plenty! “War Of The Worlds” was broadcast in 1938. Our state capital, Helena, was “officially” born. It’s national Candy Corn Day – yummy! The following people celebrate birthdays: Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie); Grace Slick (of Jefferson Airplane/Starship); Ruth Gordon (of Scavenger Hunt); Ben Bailey (of Cash Cab); and lots of other people. And there is plenty of other stuff that happened on October 30!

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Where’s The WiFi?

And speaking of WiFi…now that I’ve got my iPod Touch, I’m trying to figure out all of the places that I can use it. So far I’ve been able to connect with no problems at Morning Light and at Planet Earth, but wasn’t able to use the WiFi at JBs restaurant. So I’m putting out the call for help: what other locations in Great Falls have WiFi available? Continue reading

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Touch Tech

posting this entry from morning light using my ipod touch…

UPDATE: the new love of my tech life is indeed my iPod Touch. It automatically detects any available WiFi signals (such as at Morning Light, or Planet Earth, etc), and uses a mobile Safari browser. Surfing the web is sweet on this little baby! It plays YouTube videos, too, which is pretty fun. And, of course, since it is an iPod, it also serves as a music and video player. Me likey! Continue reading

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Trib Crit

I’ve received some mild criticism of my criticism of the Tribune, so let me clarify: I don’t hate the Tribune. I don’t hate the people who work at the Tribune. I think they do a pretty good job covering our community. Could they do better? Probably. But they are people, not factory-produced news robots that are created solely to gather and report news. The several reporters that I’ve met and been interviewed by from the Trib have all been nice people, and they really do enjoy their work and take it seriously.

But regarding my entry below about the Trib’s posting of brief, canned candidate videos, compared to GeeGuy’s posting of entire chunks of our debate: darn it, the Trib DOES have more resources than me and GeeGuy. As I stated, the Trib has money, people, and technology at their disposal: they have dozens of people whose sole job is to gather and report news; they have money to spend solely on gathering and reporting news; and they have technology that is used to gather and report news. GeeGuy and I have…an internet connection, a cellphone, and a video camera. I’m not saying that what GeeGuy and I did is worthy of a Pulitzer, but seriously – if WE can do it, then surely the Trib can. Right?

Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate that the Trib did post some video and covered all three debates. But since the Trib is actually in the news business (“No other news media can deliver the local, communities news like we can.”), well…it just seems that they should be able to at least match the bloggers’ level of effort on something as important as municipal elections.

And I hope that my mild rant is taken as constructive criticism, not bashing. Seriously.

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Candidate Videos via Trib

Well, better late than never: the Trib finally has some videos of the candidates posted. The quality of the videos is good, and the pages have some good bio info on each candidate. I’m not criticizing the Trib for posting them…but with all of their resources (staff, money, technology), I just figured that they would have posted more than 2-minute “canned” clips from each candidate.

You know, sort of like what GeeGuy and I did.

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