Maybe Snow!

So here we are, approaching the end of October, and we’re facing possible record high temperatures tomorrow: boo! hiss! But just as I was beginning to despair, the forecast dangles the promise of snow! Well, a 70% promise, anyway!


OK, now raise your hand if you would like to see snow on Thursday and Friday!

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Geometry Tutor Wanted

Anyone know of a good geometry tutor (preferably female) for a high school sophomore?

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Heated Debate

As the municipal election gets closer, and the candidates (well, most of them) spend more time talking with citizens and debating each other, the temperature is starting to get hotter and hotter. Likely going to get more intense.

Here’s my two cents: candidates, please remember that you are competitors – not enemies. And citizens – please try to remember that these are PEOPLE that you are attacking, and that most (if not all) of their mistakes and/or poor judgment are likely due to ignorance, not malice.

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Pretty Corny

Finally made it out to the cornfield maze in Vaughn, and it was great fun! The maze looks pretty simple as you approach it – the corn doesn’t look tall, so it appears as if you can just see where you are going at all times and spot the correct way to go. Um…not so! As we got deeper into the maze, it dawned on us that the corn got taller, so it became impossible to know which way to go – wheeee!
But eventually we did find the way out, and then came the highlight (for me!): the Cow Train! It’s a train made up of small cow-decorated barrels, some of which bounce up and down, all pulled behind a tractor. Designed for kids, but I managed to squeeze into a “cow!” And there was also a tent full of “corn boxes” (just like sandboxes, but filled with corn niblets), a pumpkin patch, and a small hay maze for small children. All in all – a great time!

cornfield maze!
(click the pix for full-size view!)

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Hutch has an entry in which he criticizes the service in local restaurants, citing three examples:

So far in my time here in Great Falls, I’ve been disappointed in the quality of service provided in local restaurants. I’m gonna mention three restaurants here. And when I say my piece, it’s still up to you to decide. Elmer’s, Jaker’s, and Sedgie’s… some of the worst service I’ve ever had.

I’ve been here for five years, and let me tell you: I have never received such friendly service anywhere as I have received in Great Falls. Period. In fact, several times during my first few months here, it almost felt like some sort of “Twilight Zone” where everybody is happy and polite and friendly. And I’m not just talking about restaurants, but any retail, service, or government establishment.

Of course, I have had a few less-than-stellar experiences, and I’ll admit that Jaker’s and Elmer’s are two of them (haven’t tried Sedgie’s yet). Not always, or even often, but a few times. Certainly not enough to keep me away.

But I’ll repeat: I have never received such friendly, courteous service as I do in Great Falls. That’s one of the reasons that I love Great Falls (and Montana) so much – friendly, honest people. Most of you know that I have lived in and traveled to many places, so I feel pretty confident in saying that.

So what do you think – does Great Falls rate better or worse on the “service scale,” in your opinion?

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Next Debate

The second citizen-sponsored forum for Mayoral and City Commission candidates is a “town hall” meeting hosted by Rick Valois and Susan Overfield at UGF on Saturday. At least five of the candidates plan to attend. I salute Rick and Susan for organizing this debate!

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