GeeGuy On The Move

If you hadn’t already noticed, GeeGuy has made the switch (finally!) to his very own domain, so you can now visit him at Electric City Weblog! No more Blogspot* for him – hooray! And like all of the very best bloggers, he is now using WordPress on his own domain. Go say hi to GeeGuy, and congratulate him on making the move!

* not that Blogspot is horrible or anything…but among serious bloggers, it just doesn’t have the same level of “street cred” as owning and hosting your own domain.

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Are You A Rotten Neighbor?

Another new “mashup” site that incorporates Google maps: Rotten Neighbor. The premise is simple: rat out your neighbors if you think that they are rotten. Reasons can range from aesthetics to pets to trash to…well, probably anything. And yes, Great Falls does indeed have a few listings. Just type “Great Falls Montana” into the Search box, and the Rotten Neighbors of Great Falls will appear as small red houses – click on a red house to see why somebody posted it.

- Madera Drive: “They have three dogs that bark all day long none stop and they never tell them to stop. Then on top of that they move in there friends who just happend to have two dogs of there own and they bark which mean there is 5 dogs that bark…”
- 4600 4th Avenue North: “The managers will enter the apartment without your permission. They came in when I was taking a shower. What perverts.”
- Neard 2nd Avenue North and 45th Street: “The owner is not even allowed in the state. What does that say about him? Everything broke, leaked, smelled. It was even rumored that the neighbors had a meth lab and the swat team was hanging around one night for hours. Didn’t get a deposit back and I cleaned for hours.”

All three Great Falls entries were all posted by “anonymous,” which doesn’t exactly lend an air of credibility, but you can add Rotten Neighbor to your online toolbox (along with sites such as Zillow,, etc) that you can use to get a “feel” for a community.

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October Wrap

Wow! What a great month here at – thanks to everyone who came by, left comments, watched a candidate video, participated in the iPod contest, attended the debate, paid it forward, voted in the poll, or otherwise helped push the site to over 4,500 visitors and 10,000 page views for the first time ever! You guys are great – thanks for making so fun!

Great Atlanta Locksmith – Emergency Locksmith services provided.

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“Personal” Tech

Spent about twenty minutes today talking with Stacy Byrne, a friendly reporter from the Tribune. She’s doing a piece about the popularity of iPod devices – the Shuffle, the Nano, and my new favorite, the iPod Touch. I gave her my opinion about them all, explained where and how I use each one (wifi surfing at Morning Light, music at the gym, etc), and what I think of the impact of “personal” technology in our community. By the way – Stacy is also the blogger behind “Deadlines & Bedtimes,” a Trib-sponsored blog. Nice chat – thanks Stacy!
PS – let us know when the story will run!

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Headed To The Polls

Most of you know that I moved to Great Falls over five years ago, courtesy of the US Air Force. Until a few days ago, I had retained my Texas (yuck) residency, as I had during my entire 20 years in the Air Force. But now that I have retired from the Air Force (officially on December 1), I was finally able to do something that I have been looking forward to since arriving here: I am now an official Montana resident – and a Montana voter! I got my Montana driver’s license a few weeks ago, and also registered to vote; I called the Cascade County elections office last week and confirmed that I can now vote in Montana. Hooray!

And speaking of voting…the election for Mayor and two City Commissioners is on Tuesday, November 6. Here’s what you need to know if you want to vote (courtesy of the Trib): Continue reading

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October 30

What’s so special about October 30? Plenty! “War Of The Worlds” was broadcast in 1938. Our state capital, Helena, was “officially” born. It’s national Candy Corn Day – yummy! The following people celebrate birthdays: Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie); Grace Slick (of Jefferson Airplane/Starship); Ruth Gordon (of Scavenger Hunt); Ben Bailey (of Cash Cab); and lots of other people. And there is plenty of other stuff that happened on October 30!

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