First Snow Of…?

Take a look at these two pictures from today’s Tribune (click the larger one to see it full-size):



Notice anything wrong? Yep – both captions state that it was the first snow of the year…but according to my calendar, the first snow of 2007 occurred way back on January 6th. That would make this week’s snowfall the…what…maybe the 14th or 23rd snow of the year?

I’m sure they meant that it was the first snow of the season, but hey…they were only off by nearly eleven months.

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All iPod

Greetings to folks who are visiting courtesy of the Great Falls Tribune “Fusion” article about MP3 players! Stacy Byrne did a neat job reporting on the popularity of the tiny players, and my love of all things iPod. It’s true: I succumbed to the Apple mystique a couple of years ago, and my appreciation for the iPod (in several forms: Shuffle, Nano, Touch) has only grown since then.


Last month, Janna won an iPod Shuffle here at in a great photo contest…and December is a great time to have another Shuffle giveaway…if you have any ideas for a contest, let me know.


If you are going to buy an iPod (for yourself or as a gift), and you enjoy, please consider shopping via the Amazon links below; it will likely save you a few dollars, and will help to support Thanks!

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Trails, Tales, and Journeys

Good news – another Great Falls blogger! Our newest member is J. Michael Brown who writes “Trails, Tales, and Journeys.” His most recent entry deals with his arrival in Great Falls several years ago, and his “weather shock” making the transition from Guam to Montana:

It was about 90 degrees when we left Guam. San Francisco’s temperature was about 45 degrees. I was freezing from the climate change….(as) we were watching the Weather Channel, they showed the wind chill in Great Falls was minus 90 degrees. That was a 180 degree turnaround from just a few days ago when we walked along the beach in Guam. I was cold in San Francisco at 45 degrees. I was frigid in Dillon at 30 below zero. I wondered, “How can anyone survive in this climate?”
As we popped over the hill on I-15 coming into Great Falls with a 40 MPH wind blowing us all over the road and with us freezing as the heater was on high, I told Robin, “Don’t worry about this place. I’ll put in for orders to get us out of here as soon as possible.”
That was about 20 years ago.

And he and his family. Welcome to the Great Falls ‘sphere, TT&J!

And don’t forget – check out the entire roster of Great Falls bloggers!

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Thank You

Nifty way to send a quick “thank you” to military personnel – a brief text-message!

Trust me – it may not seem like much, but every little bit of support that troops receive is very much appreciated.

hmmm…looks like the links in the graphic don’t work too well – not sure if it’s a Firefox thing or not…but here’s the bottom line: you can send a text message to “the troops” by sending a short (160 characters or less) message to 89279, or you can click here to send one via the website “America Supports You.”

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Snow Snow Snow!

Guess I wasn’t being overly optimistic yesterday when I believed the forecast – woke up this morning to about six inches of snow, and it’s still falling! Here’s a shot of the deck, with the BBQ hidden under a fluffy blanket of snow:

snow in great falls!

You all know the drill: allow extra time to get to work and school today, drive defensively, keep your distance, and slow down! And if you’re headed out of town, be sure to check the road conditions across Montana before you hit the road.

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Hello Snow!

OK, maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic, but it sure looks like we’re about to get our first real snow of the season!


Good timing: our first major snowfalls in 2005 and 2006 both occurred in late November, too.

UPDATE, 3:37 pm: Hail is now falling…very tiny, sorta cute!

UPDATE, 7:15 pm: The snow is falling! Not a lot, but we’ve got SNOW in Great Falls! And the forecast is now calling for 70% chance of it to continue tonight and into tomorrow, with a “Snow Advisory” posted!

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