Animal Shelter Allegations

Yes, I heard about the allegations of abuse and/or cruelty at the animal shelter. No, I don’t know if the allegations are true. I do know two of the people involved, however, and I would be very surprised if they (a) were directly responsible for any abuse, or (b) allowed others to abuse the animals. I will say this, however – it sure is frustrating to have so many controversies in our community about the animal shelter. Is this unique to Great Falls, or do other towns have similar problems?
UPDATE, Thursday morning: Susan Overfield has plenty to say about the allegations.

The Gourmet Pizza – Open!

It’s official: K tipped us off in the comments yesterday, and now the Trib has announced that Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza is open for business! The name of this place still confounds me, but that won’t stop me from giving it a try sometime this week. Do any of you “early adopters” have a first-blush review after eating there? Food, service, atmosphere – tell us what you thought.

It’s located on 7th Street just behind Mountain West Bank (south side of 10th Ave South).


*expletive deleted* Sorry, gang – while performing my routine “housecleaning” of my blogs this morning (deleting spam comments and trackbacks), I accidentally deleted several legitimate comments. Serves me right for trying to do anything constructive before the coffee had finished brewing.

Jeni Fleming Trio in Concert Tonight

If you can’t make the CMR concert/art exhibit tonight, you should consider what is likely going to be an amazing vocal/jazz concert featuring the Jeni Fleming Trio will be held at the Great Falls High auditorium. This is good stuff – the trio is recognized nationally – listen for yourself. Call 455-8514 for tickets, or you might still be able to purchase them online.

Jeni Fleming Trio to perform in Great Falls

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