How Windy?

Wow! Sure was windy yesterday – trucks blown over, fires whipped up, power outages. Raise your hand if you don’t like the wind. Uh huh…just as I thought – most of you did indeed raise your hand. Me, I usually like the wind – it just seems to make the world seem more “alive” and exciting. Now, how many of you know that Great Falls is one of the windiest towns in America? It’s true – but it’s hard to figure out if we are ranked #2, #4, #7, or possibly even #1. Definitely in the Top Ten!

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Re: Wolfpack’s comment about the site being wonky in IE — I noticed it too, yesterday, but wasn’t sure if it was the site or something else. Think I figured it out, though, and removed the little bit of code that I think was causing it. Let me know if the site loads/works properly now.

PS – of course, if you use Firefox…no problems at all!

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Vanity Plates in Montana

Ah ha! I’ve suspected for some time that Montana has a higher percentage (per capita) of personalized license plates than most states, and now comes confirmation. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators just released the results of a nationwide survey that ranks Montana #5 in terms of vanity plate percentage. Ahead of us: Virginia, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Nevada; dead-last is Texas.

And for some reason, as you may recall, I really get a kick out of the customized plates here in Big Sky Country, which is why I created a “sub-blog” called Great Montana Plates.

Related: an entry about Platewire, where you can “report” bad drivers or wink at a cute driver.

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Help For Boo

Many of you saw or read that a house burned down in Stockett on Thursday; it was the home of “Boo” Landon and his three children. Boo is a former co-worker of mine – a good guy, always ready with a smile and a “can do” attitude. He lost everything in the fire. If you can donate anything to the Landon family – money, clothing, groceries – it would be very much appreciated. Call Jerry Daugett at 736-5843 or 868-1410 if you can help. Thanks.

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Fire At The Brewery

The brewery located on the west side of town has been destroyed by fire; apparently the fire started between 5:30 and 6:00 pm this evening, and I drove by at about 10:00 pm and it looked like it was still burning. Lots of firefighters on the scene, of course, but the gusty conditions sure aren’t helping.

Hope everything settles down soon and that everyone is safe.


UPDATE: three new pictures of the fire, courtesy of reader Alan.

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Larry Kralj, EcoNut!

As if to prove some earlier points about incivility, here are a few examples of what Larry Kralj posted over at Electric City Weblog today:

- But when civil liberties are being trampled, when the Constitution is ignored, and when democracy itself is under attack, I say to HELL with civility.
- And yet we are denied our basic rights.
- Why should donna and donna (sic) alone decide what the future of Great Falls is to look like?
- …the city council, with donna as its head, has made a mockery of democracy.

See, this ties right in with the earlier discussion about incivility. In this case, the “incivility” is that Larry has conflated our local City Commission meetings with every political crime imaginable; that is, every perceived political crime that he imagines. I’m assuming that he believes that America, under President Bush, has abandoned democracy, and that the Constitution has been shredded, and we have no civil liberties at all. In his mind, Dona Stebbins is equal to George Bush is equal to Hitler. If I’m wrong, Larry, please tell me so.

To someone with Larry’s worldview, then, it’s not hard to understand that he believes Mayor Stebbins’ attempts to conduct an orderly City Commission meeting smacks of fascism and stormtroopers.

Well…actually, it IS hard to understand, because I just can’t imagine someone being so conspiratorial in their understanding (or lack thereof) of reality.

UPDATE, Sunday morning: By the way, “Redneck Hippie” (aka Larry Kralj) has worn out his welcome at a few other places in the Montana blogosphere, over at the Billings Blog and at Dave Budge’s place.

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