Nineteen Below

At approximately 12:45 am on Monday, January 21, 2007.

Nineteen Below Zero!

Yep – that’s 19 degrees below zero – brisk!


That is truly amazing. The temperature matched your I.Q.. Just kidding. There is no minus sign in front of your IQ.
Go GIANTS!!!!!

I think he’s really enjoying the “spotlight” of being featured on my blog.

Up All Night

So it’s 2:30 am and you’re bored, nothing to do. And you’re in the mood for a late-night snack. And you’re in Great Falls. Do you have ANY options? Is there anything open 24 hours a day, every day? Yes! You can head on over to Good Time Charlie’s (38th Street and 10th Ave S) – open 24 hours, and a full menu available all the time. I recommend the steak-n-eggs breakfast. If you’re in more of a “retro” mood, go downtown to Tracy’s Diner; while you’re eating, you can enjoy the cool pictures on the wall from Great Falls’ past. And if you’ve got lots of energy – or weren’t able to squeeze in a visit to the gym earlier – you can flex your pecs at Snap Fitness in the Target center.

So what else is open all the time in Great Falls?

UPDATE: yep – as Jon-Michael noted, the Pita Pit is open late – until 3:00 am on Thu, Fri, and Sat.

Friday Quick Hits

How many of you, when you woke up this morning, looked outside and thought, ” I bet David is in seventh heaven!”? Oh yeah…this is what Great Falls should look like in January! OK, enough snow lust…on to some links:

The Kansas City Star gives former Explorers coach Scott Wedman a chance to explain his side.
Congratulations, Nathalie and others, on becoming US citizens! It is an honor to call you fellow Americans!
Wouldja believe another Great Falls blogger? Yep – go say hi to Eric Heidle!
GFGirl has a poll: do you like the name change to Great Falls Voyagers? I voted Yes.
ReAnn always has plenty of helpful tips for organizing your life, and this chalkboard paint entry is fun!

Happy Friday, everyone!

More Snow?

Possibly good news: “Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory in effect until 5 am MST Friday for elevations above 4000 feet in Cascade County…Winter Storm Watch in effect from late Friday night through late Saturday night for all of Cascade County…” I loved the flurries we had earlier today around noon, and hope we get some more! All in favor say AYE!

Dad Chimes In

My father, who lives in Texas, is now a subscriber to (waves to dad)! He e-mailed me the following re: my reference to an invasion of space ants a few days ago:

David: Political Correctness forces me to state that “in addition to an invasion of ants, that you must also suffer an invasion of uncles”. And of course, ice hockey is really COOL!

Yes, my dad is a pretty punny guy.

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