Cindy Cieluch Leaving KRTV

Thumbs Up from Cindy Cieluch Just saw Cindy Cieluch announce that she is leaving KRTV to focus on her photography business. Cindy’s been one of the mainstays of Great Falls media – she’s been on the air here for over four years, which in local news is one heckuva tenure. And, having met her on several occasions, I can vouch for her good cheer and sunny personality. Good luck, Cindy – with your awesome pictures and mad skillz, you should do great!
RELATED: been nearly a year since Cecile Juliette left KRTV.
UPDATE: Cindy shares some pictures and emotions during her farewell/birthday party!

We Make Contact: Final Guess

OK, here it goes: my official, formal, final answer to the WeMakeContact mystery is…that Great Falls will be getting a new minor-league hockey team! Ron’s friend DeAnne also suspects that tomorrow’s announcement will be about a new hockey team. That would be a pretty cool name for a team: The Great Falls Invaders! The “UFOs” seen in the videos will be revealed as the arrival of hockey players, and the soon-to-be-complete ice rink will be the home court.

Of course, tomorrow’s unveiling will likely prove me wrong when “they” announce that the “invasion” is, in fact, the arrival of mutant space ants that will enslave humanity and force all of us to toil in their salt mines.

UPDATE: I think that Jason may be on to something with the baseball theory: the domain GreatFallsVoyagers was purchased by someone named Tim Paul here in Great Falls back in November 2007, and he is a big baseball fan – and a design/website creator. Also: there is a posting on a minor-league baseball fan site that talks about the White Sox becoming the Voyagers. Hmmm…

MORE: also just noticed that one of the patterns in the “clues” has nine successive bars; the first bar has one dot, the second has two, and so on to the ninth bar, which has nine dots. Nine bars, nine dots = nine innings. And, as Ron figured out, the grid coordinates do indeed “point” to the ball park along River Drive.

I’ll go out on a limb here – not much of a limb, actually, with only about 12 hours left until the mystery is solved – but here I go: Mystery Solved! Looks like we will soon be home to the Great Falls Voyagers, which IMO is a much better name than White Sox (or Explorers, for that matter). We’ll get the details tomorrow (the infamous “1-15-08”) — heard rumors that there will be a press conference of some sort at the airport around lunchtime.

What Is

Whew! There has been a lot of activity here at the last couple of weeks – thanks in no small part to the mystery of WeMakeContact. For folks that are new to this site, here’s a quick primer on what you need to know: is a “web log” – commonly referred to as a “blog.” It differs from a traditional website in that it is updated frequently – often daily – and encourages feedback on entries in the form of comments from any visitors (readers). The topic of this website is, obviously, Great Falls. You can learn why I began this site, and a little about me, at the About/Contact page. You can also use that page to send me e-mail, if you don’t want to fire up your desktop e-mail client. Continue reading

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