Thank You

Nifty way to send a quick “thank you” to military personnel – a brief text-message!

Trust me – it may not seem like much, but every little bit of support that troops receive is very much appreciated.

hmmm…looks like the links in the graphic don’t work too well – not sure if it’s a Firefox thing or not…but here’s the bottom line: you can send a text message to “the troops” by sending a short (160 characters or less) message to 89279, or you can click here to send one via the website “America Supports You.”

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Snow Snow Snow!

Guess I wasn’t being overly optimistic yesterday when I believed the forecast – woke up this morning to about six inches of snow, and it’s still falling! Here’s a shot of the deck, with the BBQ hidden under a fluffy blanket of snow:

snow in great falls!

You all know the drill: allow extra time to get to work and school today, drive defensively, keep your distance, and slow down! And if you’re headed out of town, be sure to check the road conditions across Montana before you hit the road.

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Hello Snow!

OK, maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic, but it sure looks like we’re about to get our first real snow of the season!


Good timing: our first major snowfalls in 2005 and 2006 both occurred in late November, too.

UPDATE, 3:37 pm: Hail is now falling…very tiny, sorta cute!

UPDATE, 7:15 pm: The snow is falling! Not a lot, but we’ve got SNOW in Great Falls! And the forecast is now calling for 70% chance of it to continue tonight and into tomorrow, with a “Snow Advisory” posted!

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Griz vs Cats

I learned pretty quickly upon arriving in Montana in 2002 that there are few rivalries as intense – or good-natured – as that of the Cats/Griz (aka the “Brawl of the Wild“). And with today’s big game, I began to wonder: in Great Falls, which team has more support? Me, I’m a Cats fan, for several reasons:

1. Bozeman is cooler than Missoula.
2. The MSU website is cooler than UM’s.
3. We have an MSU campus here in Great Falls.
4. Bobcats are cuter than grizzly bears.
5. My girlfriend is an MSU alum.

Now, since I hate sports and don’t really care about the game itself, my vote probably doesn’t count for much. But I know that plenty of you will be cheering for your team today, which makes me wonder: which team has more fans here in Great Falls?

Are You A GRIZ Fan or A CATS Fan?
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(see current poll results)

UPDATE: Griz win with a score of 41-20. Better luck next year, Cats!

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“The First Rule of Lego Club…”

Did you know that there is a Lego Club in Great Falls? Can’t remember where I saw this sign, but I hope that it isn’t old and that the Lego Club is still around. According to this flyer, the club meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 3:30 pm in the basement of the Westside Baptist Church. Call 455-6412 for more information.

Lego Club

By the way, did you know that there Lego Professionals?

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Tribune Correction

Yesterday the Tribune published the final tallies for last week’s municipal election, but they published incorrect figures. Once the Trib acknowledged the mistake, I commented that they should publish the correction on the front page of today’s paper. Apparently, this flies in the face of convention, because corrections are almost always printed on page 2 of any newspaper. But given the nature of this correction – correct totals for a contentious election – I figured that a front-page correction was warranted; people often cite newspapers as the final authority on topics such as this. And today – Thursday – I am happy to report that the Tribune did indeed publish a front-page correction. Good job.

Tribune Correction
click for full-size image

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