– Remember back when 94.5 had the “Hershey & Bubba” show? Well, we’ve still got Hershey (waves to Scott), but if you wondered where “Bubba” went, here you go.

– Remember TWISS? The person who posted it is Jim Gray, aka Montana’s “The Kitchen Guy.”

– Remember the nuclear embarrassments at Minot AFB? Nothing as bad as that at Malmstrom, but …apparently the big inspection didn’t go as well as hoped.

– Remember Great Falls native Ryan Leaf? He’s also in the news…but hey, at least he’s popular with crack addicts!

Thank You, Veterans

Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls:

Montana Veterans Memorial

It’s a beautiful place. If you haven’t visited yet – you should.

This is the first Veterans Day since 1986 that I am not in the Air Force. It’s strange – now that I am no longer serving, I feel even more gratitude towards those who do. Does that make sense? Any other vets feel the same way?

Diamonds By Design

*bump to top* This is sad for Great Falls: Diamonds By Design is shutting down. It’s a nifty jewelry store downtown, sort of co-located with Dragonfly Dry Goods.
But it’s good news for Allyson, a great gal who is moving on to bigger & better things…and it’s good for you, if you’re looking for some great deals on diamonds and jewelry! Allyson authorized me to promote her going out of business sale – so read this, print it out, head on downtown, and find a bargain! Read more

Retro: Great Falls Turns 75

Time for some more retro! When I was in Helena last weekend, I snagged a nifty book that commemorates the 75th anniversary of Great Falls. Time-traveling – way cool. One of the fun things about it is that civic leaders, in honor of the event, began sporting 1880s-style facial hair, which is why Mayor Swanberg looks even more retro than 1957! Click to see larger size of the pix – and more to come soon!

Great Falls' 75th Anniversary

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