Having tons o’ fun at my new job, learning how the news is “made,” and picking up newsy terms (vosotvo)! And I’ve made some progress in (hopefully) making easier to use. The software that we (stations branded as “Montana’s News Station”) use is called WorldNow Producer, and it’s…well, it’s not as intuitive and flexible as most blogging software (WordPress, etc)…but I’m learning how to work with it.

From experience, and from talking with a few other people, I know that finding stories on once they slip off of the front page can be frustrating. One of my small triumphs so far is adding Category pages, organized according to broad topics such as Education, Crime, Military, and such. I can’t go back and add year’s worth of previous entries, but I’ve categorized most of the stories from this week, and future entries will be added to the categories as they are posted. Continue reading

Walk & Knock

Got an e-mail from Chuck, who is trying to get the word out about a Campaign 2008 event:

Saturday, September 20th, Great Falls MT
5:00 p.m. Walk and knock briefing for members of organizations.
Remarks from IBT President James Hoffa. Teamster Hall.
5:30 p.m. Great Falls area ‘Walk and Knock’ begins.
7:30 p.m. Conclude walk and knock. Campaign for Change rally and chili feed. Open to the public. Remarks by IBT President James Hoffa. Teamster Hall.
9:30 p.m. event concludes.

Although the message doesn’t explicitly state it, I’m pretty sure that this event is on behalf of the Obama campaign. The words “change” and “Hoffa” tipped me off.

“One Of The Best Stories”

Here’s a cool blog entry from “Sylvia Over The Hill” in Seattle; she used to live here in Great Falls.

We raised our kids in Montana, where my husband was stationed at Malmstrom AFB. When my kids first started to school I had taken a teaching position in the same Catholic school they attended…(o)nce they moved on to public middle schools, I worked at the library for a couple of years and enjoyed that simply because I got to be around books all the time…
But then one day I saw an ad in the newspaper that tweaked my curiosity. It was…a new program in Montana…for a project called Independent Living, designed to help people with disabilities be able to become more integrated into the community. It was something I felt strongly about, something that I felt needed to happen for the disabled and so, although I knew very little about disabilities and knew no disabled people in the community, I knew I was more than willing and able to learn. So, I put in my application. Three days later I had my first interview.

Her entry is titled “One Of The Best Stories Of My Life,” and you should read the whole thing. I suspect that some of you probably know – or know of – Sylvia.

Pruhfeshinul Teechurs

While gathering some links for this story about two of Montana’s finest teachers, I couldn’t help but wonder how something like this slipped by…


I know, I know…typos and spelling errors can happen to anyone, but when it happens on a school billboard, or another school billboard – or in this case, an organization of professional teachers – well, gosh…it’s just…cringe-inducing. In a wry, sorta funny way.

Meeting of the Minds

Billings Free Press I had the good fortune yesterday to enjoy lunch and great conversation with Randy, one of the nicest (and funniest) guys in Montana. Some of you may know him from his long-running SFO Life blog; he is one of the true “grey beards” of the Montana blogosphere (in blog-years). He is also the proprietor of the awesome Billings Free Press site, which is similar to GreaterFalls except that it’s about what he calls the “Greatest City in Montana.” Topics of discussion included politics (duh), Montana communities and history, the web comic “Sheldon,” and the Big Sky blogosphere in general – hot topics, personalities, controversies, and such. He was also kind enough to present me with three books about Montana history – good stuff. Randy – thanks for the books, the lunch, and the friendship!

Cow Stamp


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