Thank You, Veterans

Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls:

Montana Veterans Memorial

It’s a beautiful place. If you haven’t visited yet – you should.

This is the first Veterans Day since 1986 that I am not in the Air Force. It’s strange – now that I am no longer serving, I feel even more gratitude towards those who do. Does that make sense? Any other vets feel the same way?

Diamonds By Design

*bump to top* This is sad for Great Falls: Diamonds By Design is shutting down. It’s a nifty jewelry store downtown, sort of co-located with Dragonfly Dry Goods.
But it’s good news for Allyson, a great gal who is moving on to bigger & better things…and it’s good for you, if you’re looking for some great deals on diamonds and jewelry! Allyson authorized me to promote her going out of business sale – so read this, print it out, head on downtown, and find a bargain! Read more

Retro: Great Falls Turns 75

Time for some more retro! When I was in Helena last weekend, I snagged a nifty book that commemorates the 75th anniversary of Great Falls. Time-traveling – way cool. One of the fun things about it is that civic leaders, in honor of the event, began sporting 1880s-style facial hair, which is why Mayor Swanberg looks even more retro than 1957! Click to see larger size of the pix – and more to come soon!

Great Falls' 75th Anniversary

This Week’s Incredibly Stupid Statement (TWISS)

Yay! A new feature here at GreaterFalls: This Week’s Incredibly Stupid Statement, which we will properly acronymize as TWISS! Here we go…

Aren’t Democrats (or liberals, or progressives) supposed to be known for their tolerance, inclusion, and compassion? Here’s a screenshot of a couple of tweets (brief messages posted on Twitter) that were posted after the election by a semi-well known Montanan:

BHO almost won in Montana. Palin rednecks in the backwoods of Montana gave McCain the state.

Geez. “Palin rednecks in the backwoods of Montana.” I fuzzed out the tweet in the middle, as it nearly reveals the person’s identity, and the whole point of this exercise is for you to guess who this person is. Here’s some clues: although he doesn’t live in Great Falls, he has lived & worked here in the past, and he was doing some “temp” work here in Great Falls on election day when he typed the statement. Any guesses?

UPDATE: I briefly changed the title of this to “…Silly Statement,” but after much reflection, I’m sticking with the original.

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