More Rentals

Another resource for finding houses to buy or rent: Craigslist. And if you’re looking for a room to rent with some, uh, perks, check out this ad:

The room is fair sized and has a huge closet. You would be sharing the house, use of laundry room, huge living room, and fenced in yard. Other perks include, use of computer with wireless cable internet (in livingroom), driveway parking, use of PS2 with Guitar Hero and 2 guitars, and the Wii. Rent includes all everything. 420 friendly and gay friendly 🙂

If you’re a stoned gamer, it sounds like a neat deal.

Apartments for Rent

If you’re moving to (or within) Great Falls, there’s no shortage of realtors to help you find a house to buy. But if you want to rent an apartment or house, it’s a lot tougher to see what’s available. The Great Falls Tribune classifieds are a start, but the listings are bare-boned. I’ve found a few local sites that can help potential renters:

J&K Real Property Mgmt: Good site, with pictures and details of rental properties of all types, sorted by Condo, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, etc. Plenty of apartments listed.

Macek Companies: a few rental listings, but not too many pix.

RentGF: just like the name says, it’s only rentals. Not a lot of listings, but very detailed and with pictures.

Maas Properties: only several listings, but it does include a few in Cascade.

Blogger Rides

Anyone visiting GreaterFalls because of the Tribune article about “Blogger Rides?” If this is your first time visiting, welcome! Thanks for stopping by – hope you enjoy your stay! For regular visitors, well…you know what to expect. Cheerleading and rah-rah for Great Falls 🙂

So – how many of you correctly guessed which of the three vehicles is mine? Better yet: how many of you know the name of my ride, which – as the Trib article pointed out – is named after a vehicle from one of my favorite 60s TV shows?

And regarding the vehicles driven by my fellow blog-buddies, Cindy and Greg: I guessed wrong. Oops!

Thanksgiving Wrap

What a great Thanksgiving. Enjoyed a delicious meal at K & L’s lovely home, and we feasted on turkey, ham, all the sides, and some awesome pies. Turkey: it’s good anytime, but doesn’t it just taste absolutely perfect on Thanksgiving? And although I was tempted to overdo it, I limited my dessert selection to one slice each of chocolate meringue and pumpkin. Mmmmmm. Today, I’m regretting my decision not to sample the apple and cherry pie…but there’s always next year! Huge thanks to K & L for the hospitality, and to Gilda for the cooking and the lively conversation!

So how about you? Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? Anything unusual or out of the ordinary? Did any of you actually sample “tofurkey?” Did you eat too much? Most important: how was the pie?

And now that Thanksgiving is over, how many of you plan to – or already have – brave the “Black Friday” chaos? I read that some stores here in Great Falls opened at 3:30 am. Crazy. I love a bargain, but there is no way I would get up that early to hustle and jostle competing shoppers. And besides – why venture out for bargains when you can get them online?

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