Good Burger

In light of the recent entry about burgers, someone asked me the other day where the best burger in town can be had…and as much as I would love to say that a local Great Falls eatery serves up the best, I’ve got to admit that Tony Roma’s “Cheesy Burger” probably gets my vote. It is downright awesome. Especially with bacon (duh).

Good Time Charlie’s burgers are darn good, too, and they have the best fries in town to boot. And you can’t beat 24-hour convenience for those late, late night cravings!

Missouri River Diner and Ford’s Drive-In rate pretty high, too. And Fuddrucker’s serves up pretty good burgers, although The Other Dave was not impressed.

What say you? Best burger in town can be found at __________? Update

Time for more plugging on behalf of; some new features that may be of interest. And don’t forget: you can get to the KRTV Community Page by simply using

Looking for something to do (besides digging a hole to the Indian Ocean)? Check out the KRTV Community Calendar.

One Class At A Time” lets local teachers submit an application for a $250 grant for their classroom. Pretty cool.

Birthday coming up? Let the Morning crew know (waves to Andrea & Shannon!) about it and they’ll wish you (or your kid, spouse, co-worker, etc) a happy birthday on the special day!

And if you want to know more about some of the candidates for the Montana statehouse, check out the Candidate Profiles.

You like?

Goose Visit

When I came home for lunch yesterday, I was delighted to see a Canada goose in my driveway. He casually crossed the street and then stood for a few minutes in a puddle, taking little sips of water before flying away. It was awesome.

I’ve had deer on my street before, and many geese flying overhead, but this is the first time that I’ve seen a goose actually land here. Go goose!

UPDATE: ha! One of my daughter’s friends was driving by the house a few minutes before I arrived and snapped this pic. The goose was really on my front lawn – hooray!

News Updates

Some of the more interesting stories over at KRTV:

Great Falls teacher nabs $25,000 award: man, this is cool. The only teacher in Montana to be honored by the Milken Foundation. Wonder if there’s any $25K prizes for outstanding blogging…?

Sex-offender program discussed
: a delicate subject, but I added some informative links at the bottom of the article to make it more useful.

Candidate profiles
: I like this – candidates for Montana House & Senate. No rehearsed scripts, no talking points, no distractions – just them talking about why they are running. More to come.

Montana takes center stage on Letterman show: did any of you catch Tim Montana’s performance on Friday night? Now if we could get Tim to write a song about Great Falls like he did for Butte… And don’t forget that our very own Cold Hard Cash will appear on Letterman in a few weeks!

The Opposite of Great Falls

Looking for a weekend project? Try this: go to the center of ZIP code 59401 – take a shovel and start digging. Keep digging. Straight down. All the way. Through the earth’s crust, through the core. Keep digging. Eventually, you’ll wind up in the middle – or, more precisely, the bottom – of what appears to be the Indian Ocean.

And for the geography geeks in the audience: if you started at -111.280356°N, 47.515458°W, you would wind up at 68.719644°N, -47.515458°W.

Other Side of the World from Great Falls

According to antipodr, anyway.

Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Talk about “trick or treat!” Wow — we watched “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special” over the weekend, and I’m still not sure if this is the single biggest cause in the downfall of “variety” show specials so famously mocked since then (Simpsons, anyone?), or a mega-awesome cheese-fest to be cherished every October. Probably both.

The premise: Paul Lynde is kidnapped by his maid, Margaret Hamilton – yes, THAT Margaret Hamilton – and taken to her sister’s haunted mansion. Her sister is none other than Billie Hayes – yes, THAT Billie Hayes. Margaret reveals herself to be none other than The Wicked Witch, looking as frightful and fun as she did nearly 40 years prior to this 1976 show…and she and Billie – in full Witchiepoo mode – give Lynde three wishes. One of his wishes is an homage (really) to the mid-70s CB-radio/trucking craze, featuring Roz Kelly (remember Pinky from Happy Days?) and Tim Conway.

Oh, and be on the lookout for a VERY brief Donny & Marie appearance. Florence Henderson show up, too, and does a hideous, ghastly, terrible version of “Disco Lady.”

And in what I believe is their first prime-time TV appearance: KISS. Seriously. They do three songs, and the lip-synching must be seen to be disbelieved.

Folks, this kind of cheese just can’t be seen on TV anymore. Draw your own conclusions.

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