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Sometimes I get stuck trying to figure out a “Great Falls connection” to something that I want to post. After all, this blog exists because of Great Falls and my love of the community. My goal is to inform, entertain, and celebrate my awesome visitors with entries about Great Falls: people, events, places, news, and such.

But sometimes there just is no simple way to “connect” something to Great Falls. This is one of those times. It’s just a video that has nothing whatsoever to do with our town. It has no connection to Montana.

But it has to be posted. It must be seen. It deserves an entry. So without further ado, I present to you: Monkey On A Segway!

Of course, I could try to relate this to Great Falls by somehow trying to convince you that maybe our police department should be issued Segways for their crime-prevention efforts. Or…maybe our community needs some sort of zany locally-produced TV show similar to the one in the video. Or…maybe the monkey on the Segway is a 2nd cousin of the monkeys downtown at Jack’s Pet Store.

But no. This is just an awesomely awesome video. Especially for people who think of monkeys the way that I think of geese, cows, and sheep. 😉

Prospector Restaurant

Prospector Restaurant in Great Falls

As noted below, we gave the new Prospector Restaurant & Casino a test-drive on Saturday, Let me point out that I ate at the old Prospector once before, about three years ago, and was not impressed; couldn’t even finish my burger & fries. We went in on Saturday night very optimistic, however, prepared to be impressed.

On the menu: nachos as an appetizer; bacon-cheeseburger & fries, a combo platter of fried shrimp, fish, and chicken strips; and a serving of fettucine alfredo.

Let’s employ the Good/Bad/Ugly format for the review:

The Good: it’s really a cool building; log-cabin and wood decor is just beautiful. It’s neat to just drive by the Prospector and take in the lodge-like view. When you walk in, you are presented with two doors: on the left is the door to the casino/bar, and on the right the door to the restaurant. The interior is not quite as fancy as the exterior, but it is nice.

Also good: the service. Everyone we dealt with was friendly, and the service was prompt. We went late, so there wasn’t a crowd, which probably helped.

The bacon-cheeseburger was pretty good, too; a bit small, but good.

The fried fare – shrimp, fish, and chicken – was decent. Nothing to get excited about, but decent.

The Bad: The french fries were somewhere between bland and bad. Didn’t even finish them. The fettucine alfredo was equally bland – and warm in some spots, cold in others. The alfredo sauce was almost pudding-like – ick. Tasted very much like the box-dinner types of pasta; not necessarily bad, but we expected something a bit more tasty from a restaurant.

Prospector NachosThe Ugly: and when I say ugly…WORST. NACHOS. EVER. They should be embarrassed by the nachos. Seriously. Bottom-of-the-generic-bag bits of chips with a few globs of some sort of cheese product, sprinkled with stale bits of burned beef. It was simply bad. Movie-theatre & baseball stadium nachos are better. Heck, I could crack open a bag of Tostitos and melt some Kroger-brand cheese on top and have people lining up to pay for it, compared to these “nachos.”

And re: my burger – they insisted on serving it with a piece of lettuce next to it, with a pickle on top of the lettuce. And when I picked up the burger, there was a one-inch square of brownish-lettuce stuck to the bottom of the bun. Ick. And why?

Overall, very disappointing. Despite the impressive new building and the friendly staff, the food was at best just decent, and at worst un-eatable. Another chance? Doubt it.

Also: more restaurant reviews over at Eat Drink GF.

The Other Dave offers up some insight into the good, bad, and ugly restaurant food in Great Falls (and elsewhere).

Burgers & Me

Before I get to the review of last night’s restaurant (the new Prospector), a note about me & cheeseburgers: the cheeseburger is the most wondrous of all foodstuffs. Available just about anywhere, no matter the venue or type of cuisine. When in doubt, I usually order a cheeseburger. And when trying out a new (or new to me) restaurant, I’m likely to try a cheeseburger first – if they can’t do a decent burger, well…it doesn’t bode well.

But here’s my quirk: I like my burgers PLAIN. Meat + cheese on a bun. No lettuce. No tomato. No pickle. No onion. No mustard. No mayo. Just P-L-A-I-N. Sounds pretty simple, right? But over the years, I’ve learned that I can’t just simply tell the server “Plain cheeseburger,” because 9 times out of 10, it will be served up with other stuff on it.

So I always make sure to tell the server that I want my cheeseburger PLAIN, and then practically spell it out: “I’d like a cheeseburger — plain. Just meat and cheese on a bun.” Once in a while, I’ll add the word “bacon” to the order, too. As I did last night.

My exact words to the server were: “Yeah, I’ll take a bacon cheeseburger – plain. Just meat, cheese, and bacon on a bun. No lettuce, no tomato, no onion, nothing else.”

Her reply: “So…you don’t want mayonnaise?”

Sigh. “No, no mayo. And no mustard. Nothing. Just meat, cheese, and bacon on a bun.”

Pre-dinnur fair

Opened the menu at a local eatery this evening and was greeted with this…

how appatizing...

Sadly, the dining experience lived down – way down – to the expectation set by the spelling error. Any guesses where this occurred…?

RIP, Che

Che Guevara I never met Che, but he was very close to people who are very close to me – almost family – and Che’s little brother Geno is a friend of my daughter’s. In our small community, it seems that every death touches many people. And Che was so young – only 20 – which makes his death almost surreal and unbelievable.

I was with the family at Benefis in the ER. Parents, cousins, friends. Sadness. Disbelief. Grief. It was almost unbearable, because there’s nothing you can do.

But Che Guevara is – and will be – remembered for his cheerful attitude and optimism. RIP, Che.

UPDATE: here is the slideshow that will be played at the memorial service for Che, with the song “Lean On Me.” Look at that kid’s smile. Damn.

Mid-week Linkage

Cool: two new Great Falls blogs! The first is from Michele at Killing Time – some great pix from around town (and beyond). The second is Musings From A Montana Mama; she’s only posted a couple of times, so maybe a few comments from you will get her writing again.

Wouldja believe it’s been a year since the “What Makes Great Falls Great?” photo contest? Might be time for another one…with a twist.

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