Baby, It’s (Gonna Get) Cold Outside

OK, you hot, humid, sticky southern towns that think you’re so awesome because you got a few flakes of snow. Yes, I’m looking at you, Houston and New Orleans. Back off. Don’t be crowing about your “winter.” Just because your temperatures drop below 50 degrees for a day or two and a few confused snowflakes flutter to the ground doesn’t mean that you know what Winter is all about.

Because this weekend, Great Falls is going to do Winter right:

Sub-zero temps coming to Montana!

I kid, I kid…having lived in south Texas for many years, I remember how magical it was to see ANY amount of snow, even knowing that it won’t stick or last more than a few minutes or so.

Our forecast says that we could hit -29 degrees (before wind-chill)…whoa. People often ask me why I don’t wear a jacket on days like today (30 or 40 degrees), and I reply – no snark intended – that I’ll wear my jacket when it gets cold. Yeah, -29 qualifies as “cold” and will definitely have me sporting a coat.

Hooray for Howard’s Pizza!

On my second night in Great Falls – way back in 2002 – I was tired from the long move & drive to Montana, meeting realtors, etc. I was in my hotel room (Crystal Inn – nice place), and didn’t feel like going out to find food. So I flipped open the phone book and noticed an ad for “Howard’s Pizza” – and the ad mentioned that they delivered, and it appeared to be pretty close to Gore Hill. I called and ordered some pizza (pepperoni – duh). It arrived and I was puzzled. Pizza delivered – in a paper bag? No cardboard box? Hm. Give it a shot.

And I was hooked. Instantly. I don’t know if it’s the thin crust, the abundant cheese, or the square slices, but Howard’s is, bar none, my favorite pizza. I have never had a bad pizza from Howard’s. And since that day in July 2002, I sneer at Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and other national chains – yes, I’ve sampled some of their stuff on occasion since then (office party, etc), but only grudgingly. Howard’s Pizza was one of the first things that I fell in love with here in Great Falls, and it got me off to a good start in “adopting” this community as my home. Read more

Winter Warning

Better late than never: Winter is set to make a grand appearance in Great Falls this weekend! Yes, Winter doesn’t officially start for a few more days, but usually by mid-December we’ve had at least a few good snowstorms and some single-digit (or colder) temps.

Getting Chilly!

We “suffered” through some unseasonably mild temps in October and November, with nary a sub-zero to report, and only a handful of temps in the teens. And snowfall has been lacking. But brace yourselves: with a high temperature of -8, this weekend promises to remind us what Winter is all about!

Defending Taco Treat

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Famous quote, often attributed to Voltaire (perhaps incorrectly).

Taco Treat in Great Falls, Montana And how does that relate to today’s blog entry? Try this: “I disapprove of what you eat, but will defend to the death your right to eat it.” That’s my attitude towards Taco Treat, the beloved Montana fast-food Tex-Mex joint.
You probably remember that I’ve tried Taco Treat a few times, and found it…disappointing. But I humbly acknowledge the mystical power that Taco Treat has over folks born & raised in my beloved community, and will defend to the death your right to enjoy it!

And wouldja believe over at Facebook there’s a fan club page devoted to Taco Treat? Since I love all things Great Falls & Montana, I had to join. Had to. Here’s the summary of the Taco Treat fan club:

“No matter where you go after leaving Montana, you can never find a place as delicious as Taco Treat and no other sauce will do. You ask your relatives who still live in Montana to send you Taco Treat sauce. When you’re in town, you buy a bunch of it and take it home with you. Come on…you know you want it!”

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