Sick. Me. Yuck. No fun. Went to GF Clinic (PA Meissner – good guy), got the meds, etc. But on a positive note, this is the first time that I’ve been sick since November 2003. Seriously. I’ve gone (a few days shy of) five years without a sniffle, cough, cold, or such. I credit it to frequent hand-washing. And wiping down my cell phone, keyboard, etc, periodically with Lysol or Clorox wipes.

Don’t worry – I practice safe blogging, so you won’t get infected from reading this post.

CE3K? Meteor Seen In Great Falls

Heard two reports that people have seen “something” above the big hill on the north side of town within the last hour or so – up by Old Havre Highway? – something large, bright, and possibly gold. Meteor? Swamp gas? Helicopter? UFO? Any of you seen anything unusual in the sky lately?

UPDATE: thanks to Kirsten for the news link – turns out it was indeed (likely) a meteor up in Alberta somewhere. Thanks to the other folks for sharing what they saw!

MORE UPDATE, Friday mid-day
: story posted over at KRTV, including some pix & video. Way cool. If I had seen it happen – live – probably would have freaked me out, too.

I Can’t Drive…45?

One of my biggest pet peeves (odd phrase, that) is watching people zip by me as I dutifully obey the posted speed limit. But then I stop to think that maybe, just maybe, these rushing people just don’t know what the speed limit is, somehow having missed the posted signs. So in the spirit of public service, let me make an announcement:

speed limit on 10th ave south bridge is 45 mph!

Contrary to what too many people seem to believe, it is not a “free for all” zone where you can slam on the gas and zip across at speeds approaching 60 mph. It seems to be especially bad for people who are driving west, towards the Marketplace. Once they pass the intersection at 2nd Street and hit the bridge, it’s as if they’ve been possessed by some sort of literal speed demon.

Come on, people – take your time. You’re not going to get to Barnes & Noble that much faster by speeding – especially if you’re caught and spend ten minutes visiting with a law-enforcement officer.

Pulse Holiday Party

The folks over at Pulse-Great Falls are ready for the holidays:

It’s hard to believe, but the end of the year is fast approaching. Pulse will be hosting our holiday party again this year, so put it on your calendar now and we’ll see you in December!

When: Friday, December 12
Time: 8:00 pm
Where: Dante’s, 1325 8th Ave N

Admission: one “ugly” Christmas sweater or a can of food for the Great Falls Food Bank
RSVP: jessgill35 AT gmail.com or 868-8583
More details will be sent as we get closer to the event. We hope that we will see you there!

Cold Hard Cash on Letterman

That was cool – Cold Hard Cash did a great job on Letterman! The only bad thing was that Letterman had some bit early in the show that dragged on way too long – something about a slacker intern – and it cut into Jack Hanna’s AND Cold Hard Cash’s screen time.
And really – why did he have to have Carla Bruni on tonight? With Hanna and Cold Hard Cash, he should have gone with another Montana guest and made it a Big Sky trifecta! So by the time CHC finished “Folsom Prison Blues,” time had run out, and Dave barely had time to thank the band and tell them that this is the second time that he’s enjoyed their music.

UPDATE: full story posted at KRTV – including a video clip of the performance!

Here’s a shot of Cold Hard Cash playing at “Alive @ Five” in downtown Great Falls last summer:

Cold Hard Cash in Great Falls, Montana

Check out the Cold Hard Cash website, or visit the MySpace page – you can listen to some of their music and check out pix.

My fansite for the town I call home – Great Falls, Montana

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