Pre-dinnur fair

Opened the menu at a local eatery this evening and was greeted with this…

how appatizing...

Sadly, the dining experience lived down – way down – to the expectation set by the spelling error. Any guesses where this occurred…?

RIP, Che

Che Guevara I never met Che, but he was very close to people who are very close to me – almost family – and Che’s little brother Geno is a friend of my daughter’s. In our small community, it seems that every death touches many people. And Che was so young – only 20 – which makes his death almost surreal and unbelievable.

I was with the family at Benefis in the ER. Parents, cousins, friends. Sadness. Disbelief. Grief. It was almost unbearable, because there’s nothing you can do.

But Che Guevara is – and will be – remembered for his cheerful attitude and optimism. RIP, Che.

UPDATE: here is the slideshow that will be played at the memorial service for Che, with the song “Lean On Me.” Look at that kid’s smile. Damn.

Mid-week Linkage

Cool: two new Great Falls blogs! The first is from Michele at Killing Time – some great pix from around town (and beyond). The second is Musings From A Montana Mama; she’s only posted a couple of times, so maybe a few comments from you will get her writing again.

Wouldja believe it’s been a year since the “What Makes Great Falls Great?” photo contest? Might be time for another one…with a twist.

And now a few non-Great Falls links to amuse and entertain:
– Eight cans of shaving cream. Mid-October. You do the math.
– Funny headlines & strange newspaper entries? Check.
– 5-minute chocolate cake? Maybe. Beatrix tipped me off. Anyone tried it?
Brian The Bully – seen the ads? Think they are fair?

Diebold versus ACORN

If the 2008 Presidential election is close – and I think it will be – then it sure seems like it’s going to come down to Diebold versus ACORN, doesn’t it? The Diebold conspiracy hasn’t been as prominent in recent months, but the ACORN stuff sure has exploded into the headlines.

Rigged voting machines versus fraudulent voter registration: that is how one side will explain and/or attack the other side for ANY voting irregularities. Maybe, however, both sides will agree that the two balance each other: the number of rigged votes coming in for McCain via Diebold machines will roughly match the number of fraudulent votes coming from ACORN-registered youngsters and/or dead people and/or Mickey Mouse.

Hanging chads? That’s so 2000.

Around the Great Falls ‘Sphere

Lots going on – let’s get to it: first, some great news for the Smith family – please go welcome Brendan Ryan to the world – what a cutie!

Next up is some snow pix from both Shannon and The Other Dave.

And after a brief hiatus, ReAnn is back, offering holiday shopping tips (yes, it’s time) and stress-reduction tips (cause & effect?).

GF Girl mentioned a new “political committee” being formed – anyone have an update on how the meeting went? She’s also got some insight and news about downtown parking issues.

As for me…I’ve been working on a “KRTV Community” page – archives, community calendar, and a simple contact form (and a new category that I think some of you will really appreciate).

KRTV Community Page

And I’m happy to report that the October Snow Gallery has been a success – we got entries from Great Falls, of course, but also Malta and even Glasgow (where they got nearly 13 inches of snow!).

Cluck Cluck

This is awesome: a publication from 1934 (1934!) titled “Everybody’s Poultry Magazine!” It is full of articles and pictures and cartoons. I’ll post more later!


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