First Snow – This Week?

Remember the First Snow Contest? Looks like we’ve got our first semi-credible chance of a winner coming up later this week!

Snow Possible In Great Falls This Week!

Yay! Can’t wait to see some of that fluffy white snow drifting (or blowing) down to earth! Granted, a 40 or 50% chance is no guarantee, but it still makes me happy just to see the word SNOW in our forecast. And temps dropping below that magical freezing mark – woohoo!

But remember: the contest stipulates one inch or more of snow, so just a light dusting on Friday might not be enough to put Harley Rider over the top (she guessed October 11).

Guess Who?

Today is chock-full of fun at KRTV — here’s two of our *very special* guests: Dan Snyder & Norma Ashby! Look for them to make an appearance on the 5:30 news today!

Dan & Norma!

the image links to the video of Dan & Norma spending a few minutes strolling down memory lane! And the video of David Letterman wishing KRTV a happy birthday is there, too.

KRTV Turns 50!

You guys all know that what I post here is NOT to be confused with stuff over at, right? In other words – entries that I publish, opinions that I express, and links that I post here at Greater Falls do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or attitudes of KRTV, station management, advertisers, fellow employees, etc. You know – standard disclaimer stuff.

Having said that…you can consider this entry an official plug for the Golden Anniversary of KRTV! The station is celebrating 50 years of broadcasting, so here’s a few images from the past & present to jog your memories. Check out the 50th Anniversary Page, and be sure to watch the 5:30 news this evening – might be some surprises, guest stars, and fun stuff!

KRTV celebrates 50 years of broadcasting!

Hana Pestle @ Bert-n-Ernie’s

Got an e-mail from buddy Tim Austin:

Hana Pestle is coming back to Bert and Ernie’s
Wednesday, Oct. 8th, 2008 from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
FREE Admission

Come to Bert and Ernie’s have dinner, drinks and listen to one of Montana’s best vocal and musical artist. If you missed Hana the last time she was here do NOT miss her again or you will be sorry you did.

She has performed with Collective Soul, Blues Traveler and she was recently on tour with Joshua Radin. Find out more about Hana Pestle at: or on her MySpace page.

And I highly recommend the nachos at Bert-n-Ernie’s.

Greatest of Great Falls reminder

Time is running out – if you haven’t already voted in the Trib’s “Greatest of Great Falls” contest, you’ve only got a few more days.

Greatest of Great Falls Survey

I’m working on an entry about our visit to Power on Saturday. We missed the Harvest Fest fun, but we did wind up in the basement of a an old farmhouse several miles away…off of a lonely gravel road…filled with chemicals and strange scents. Any guesses…?


Do I get any mad props for my October/Halloween-themed header?

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