Snow Summary

And now the snow is falling! Finally! Big, fluffy flakes! Nothing like what other parts of Montana are getting, but probably enough that we will have a winner in the First Snow Contest today. Probably.

Which reminds me that it was October 11, 2002, that I experienced my very first Montana snow. It was a Friday, a little after 5:00 pm, and it was magical.

And now here’s a “Snow Summary” for my fellow snow-lovers:

Snow in June: just a few months ago, we got seven inches of snow – in June!

Snow in August: back in 1992, Great Falls received eight inches of snow – in August!

Rain or Snow? a little poll asking which you prefer – dreary, grey, wet rain, or beautiful, white, fluffy snow?!

Virtual Snow: two cute snow-based games to get you in the spirit!

Wanna Buy A Wreath?

Here’s a nifty fundraiser for Central Catholic High School: festive holiday wreaths & garlands (and more)! Continue reading

First Snowflakes!

And yea, there was rejoicing in the Great land, for it upon this very night, the 9th of October, just moments after the clock crossed upon the half-way mark between the ten and eleven o’clock hours in the dark evening, that the first Snow Flakes of the Season have been observed drifting through the air, causing much delight in the hearts of those who are desirous of the Fluff.

(note: this is the First Snowflakes Of The Season post, not the We Have A Winner in The First Snow Contest post!)

Winter Storm Warning!

Our weather forecast just got a lot more interesting…our Winter Storm Watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning!

… Winter Storm Warning in effect from midnight tonight to 6 PM MDT Sunday…

The National Weather Service in Great Falls has issued a Winter Storm Warning for snow and winds… which is in effect from midnight tonight to 6 PM MDT Sunday. The Winter Storm Watch has been replaced by this warning.

Snow will develop across southwest Montana and southern portions of central Montana tonight and will continue to affect the region through Sunday afternoon. In addition… brisk north to northeast winds of 15 to 25 mph will cause areas of blowing snow at times… especially in the mountains and through favored canyons and gaps. By Sunday afternoon expect 4 to 8 inches of snow accumulation at lower elevations… with 15 to 30 inches of snow possible in the mountains.

Looks like we might have a winner in the First Snow Contest sooner, rather than later!

Here’s the screenshot of the current forecast from Weather Underground:

Van’s IGA

Heard there was quite a to-do at Van’s IGA today (both stores). My source reported that they were conducting a HUGE sale – including bacon for 49 cents! – and that the store on 10th Avenue South was absolutely mobbed. A band playing. Lines stretching to the very back of the store. People waiting for carts – or using laundry baskets to tote their goods to the register. She said that it even got a bit ugly among some shoppers, to which I replied, “Hell, I’d take a swing at someone for 49-cent bacon.”
Any first-hand accounts of the experience?

Boy Meets Goat

Just a little blast from the past: this is me milking a goat at the Montana State Fair, August 2007.

Boy Meets Goat

First time milking an animal. I got a nifty blue ribbon, too, that read, “I Milked A Goat!”

And no, I did not push any small children aside to get to the front of the line.

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