Thanksgiving Wrap

What a great Thanksgiving. Enjoyed a delicious meal at K & L’s lovely home, and we feasted on turkey, ham, all the sides, and some awesome pies. Turkey: it’s good anytime, but doesn’t it just taste absolutely perfect on Thanksgiving? And although I was tempted to overdo it, I limited my dessert selection to one slice each of chocolate meringue and pumpkin. Mmmmmm. Today, I’m regretting my decision not to sample the apple and cherry pie…but there’s always next year! Huge thanks to K & L for the hospitality, and to Gilda for the cooking and the lively conversation!

So how about you? Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? Anything unusual or out of the ordinary? Did any of you actually sample “tofurkey?” Did you eat too much? Most important: how was the pie?

And now that Thanksgiving is over, how many of you plan to – or already have – brave the “Black Friday” chaos? I read that some stores here in Great Falls opened at 3:30 am. Crazy. I love a bargain, but there is no way I would get up that early to hustle and jostle competing shoppers. And besides – why venture out for bargains when you can get them online?

Video Test

Something that I am thankful for: you! Yeah, I’m flattering you because I need a little help with a test. I think that I’ve figured out a way to serve up video clips better, faster, etc, over at I created two pages with embedded Flash video clips – no separate window to launch, no new (or second) media player to launch. So here’s where I need your help: take a look at one or both of the pages (Morning Show clip, One Class clip), and let me know if the video works, and if it’s easier, better, or otherwise working well for you. Give ’em a spin, then come on back here and drop a comment (including browser or OS you’re using, if it’s not too much trouble). Thanks!

UPDATE: thanks everyone! Appreciate the feedback. Sorry that one of the videos was unavailable. It’s great to hear that the available video played just fine – especially on Macs. Good to see some Chrome users, too!

Thanksgiving Questions

Are you traveling out of Great Falls? Out of Montana?
Or are family – or friends – traveling to your place?
Any plans for a charitable or community event?
Will you be feasting on turkey? Or “tofurkey?”
Are you the Cook? Or is there a matriarch who handles this important role?
This is important: will there be pumpkin pie?
Plan to watch a parade? Or attend a parade? Or football game?
Will you fall asleep mid-day on the couch?
Do you have to work?
Will you give thanks for anything out of the ordinary (family, health, etc)?

Where’s The Snow?

What a beautiful day! November 25, clear blue skies, about 50 degrees. But…where’s the snow? This is the week that we usually get a nice fluffy layer of the white stuff: back in 2005, we had a pretty decent snow storm on the 27th; in 2006, we had a blanket of snow on the 25th; and last year, it was a winter wonderland on the 27th. Unfortunately, the forecast for the rest of the week doesn’t offer much hope for snow:

no snow in the forecast

So come on, people: let’s put more effort into wishing for snow! Work with me here!

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