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This has got to be one of the best things that I have read in recent years:

If America is in low standing in world, then there is something wrong with the world, not with America.

Read the rest over at Myrhaf’s.

Southern Arterial Poll

Now that I’m getting settled in at my new job, I’m tinkering with some of the features in the online management system…I just added my first official poll at KRTV.com – what do you think of the proposed “southern arterial” road running south of Great Falls? Do me a solid and cast your vote…thanks!


Just a few shout-outs to some folks…

- To KYLE who just celebrated a birthday dinner – best wishes, buddy!

- To the gang at Malmstrom Clinic (including Dave F, Bren, Reg & John, Sema, Tiffi, and Greg (mofo butta lay me to da bone))

- To Ellie and R.J. @ Good Time Charlie’s (love the new carpet, booths, tables, and paint!)

Ducks In Truck

People, if this isn’t the absolute epitome of whimsy, I don’t know what is…

Ducks In A Truck!

A friend of mine had to transport these four ducks from Great Falls down to near Bozeman; apparently the ducks were none too happy about their temporary confinement, and quacked mightily during the journey.

Great Falls Books

Shameless plug for some books set in and around Great Falls!

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Pete Fromm’s “As Cool As I Am” is a powerful coming-of-age tale of Lucy Diamond, a student at GFHS. I’ve said before that I normally don’t enjoy such books, but this one really is unique; Lucy Diamond is a character that you won’t forget.

Skip Halmes’ “The Cow Whisperer” is just plain funny, offering whimsical tales of life and “business” on a ranch near Cascade (including a few trips to the Driftwood Bar).

And Norma Ashby’s “Rattlesnakes & Movie Stars” is a great way to see how Great Falls TV “grew up” over the years; no surprise that I’ve been poring over it as KRTV gets ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Distant Rainbow

Several days (week?) ago I snapped a couple of pictures of a very distant rainbow; I was near the Lewis & Clark sign just off of River Drive on the NE side of town. I thought it looked pretty cool.

Small Rainbow

Rainbow, Small

(click to see larger size)

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