Goosey Time!

A little visit to hang out with the geese and their TOTES ADORBS little babies near Elks Riverside Park on Saturday!

The babies are just so cute. One of them was eating a dandelion. I love how the mommy and daddy gooses shepherd their babies across River Drive.


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Fuddruckers Flap

Last week, Rory Matthiesen posted on Facebook some photos and screenshots of documents that he says detail some bad practices at Fuddruckers in Great Falls. Here are some of the screenshots:




His post quickly went viral (by Great Falls standards), and people started flooding the Facebook pages of KRTV, KFBB, and the Great Falls Tribune asking them to look into it. As of today, no media outlets have mentioned it, perhaps wisely.

But quite a few people also tagged me in similar posts, and I checked into it. First of all, the photos don’t look particularly bad to me — I worked in quite a few restaurants in my younger days, and these pictures appear to be pretty routine for a busy restaurant. Just some regular wear-and-tear, a few spots need a little extra elbow-grease, etc.

Then I looked at the official Fuddruckers page on Facebook (for the GF location) and found this:

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If you’ve never taken the beautiful 30-minute drive from Great Falls to Highwood to enjoy a Friday night steak…you need to. Trust me.


And if you happen to head out that way on a not-Friday-night, not to worry — they’ve got some kick-ass burgers, too, thanks to the new owners who are doing an AMAZING job.


My two favorite Sirius/XM stations are, of course, channels 49, Soul Town, and channel 50, The Groove.

But something odd: when they play The Isley Brothers “Fight The Power,” they bleep out the word “bullshit.” But in “The Bird” by The Time, they do not bleep out the word “fuck.”

Don’t understand why they bleep one, but not the other (which is likely more “offensive”). And remember, this is the business that was built on the back of Howard Stern.

And now for your listening pleasure, I present arguably one of the best examples of the 80s Minneapolis sound:

And here is The Isley Brothers — does it get better than this?

Coming Soon: Roadhouse Diner

OMGOMGOMG — a new burger joint is coming to Great Falls — the Roadhouse Diner!

Roadhouse Diner in Great Falls

Looks like they plan to open on June 1st in the “log-cabin” building on 15th Street North, which used to be Goode’s (Pam’s Friendly Diner, etc).

They’ve got a website and a Facebook page, and promise some treats for folks who register via email:

“Join today and you’ll receive exclusive offers, a birthday freebie as well as a rewards card that gets you a free burger after 10 visits. Decent! And just for signing up, we’ll email you a coupon offer to boot.”


Also in the works: “Coming soon for cheese fries aficionados – an exclusive club that gathers once a month to try out new cheese fry recipes. Join the Roadie Rewards program for information!”

Looks like their motto/slogan is “Respect The Beef” — I can dig it.

Can’t wait to try it out!

East-Side Walmart (maybe)

The big development on the east side of Great Falls is the subject of some rumors.
Nobody who knows (or claims to know) what the “anchor store” will be are willing to say so publicly, but a lot of people seem pretty confident that it will be a Walmart. I’ve also heard it might be a Costco, or a World Market, or The World’s Largest Olive Garden (kidding on that last one).
But what about the four or five smaller stores that will be in the retail center? Nobody seems to have any idea what they might be.
And some people have speculated that if the large store really is a Walmart, then the current Walmart on Smelter will be sold to the Calumet refinery, who will use that huge space as part of its expansion project.
I have no problem believing that the new large store will be a Walmart, but I don’t put a lot of stock in the rumor about the existing Walmart closing.
I’m fine with a second Walmart in Great Falls — if a new east-side Walmart will help lighten the traffic along Smelter Avenue, then bring it on!

Which reminds me — holy cow, has it really been NINE YEARS since the east-side Walmart debate? My, how time does fly…


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