Strip Club Advice

The “Great Falls” page on Reddit is pretty mellow – not a lot of activity.

BUT if you are coming to visit our fair community from a large metro area, and wondering about the “strip club” action in Great Falls…well, here you go:

“You ain’t ever gonna find a better strip club then the Playground, that is if you like getting slapped around a bit.”


I finally – FINALLY! – made it to 2K’s, and it was wonderful. Friendly staff, HUGE burger, and delicious fresh fries. Ooh, and home-made pies!!!

The only downside is that it is only open Monday-Friday until 2pm. I totally understand not being open longer, or on weekends (small biz ppl work their butts off!), but I would love to be able to zip down there on a Saturday 🙂

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