Always Remember


My friend Sara makes cakes and cupcakes for special occasions, so my wife asked her to whip up some tasty treats for our friend Kim’s 50th birthday party. Sara had made some delicious rumchata cupcakes (sprinkled with cinammon!) a few weeks ago for a small party, and they were amazing. For Kim’s birthday, the party was “Golden Girls”-themed, as Kim is a big fan – and 50 years is celebrated with gold! Boy, did Sara…

Checking out the Fair

Aerial View

A peaceful flight over the river on Sunday:


Why yes, I have been enjoying Shark Week and Shark Fest. Why do you ask? Of course, there is no shark like the Great White — the ultimate predator – so I can’t really include Great Whites in my list of Top Three Sharks, because they truly are in a class all their own. So what are my Top Three Sharks? #1 is the MAKO. They are crazy insane – just look at their eyes!…


Another AWESOME dinner at the best steakhouse in Cascade County – the Beef ‘N Bone! Seriously. Nothing else even comes close. I heard a rumor that it was voted as the best in the area recently, too.

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