Never quite imagined that Great Falls would be a target audience for a team of “flippers,” but…well, maybe it is.

Mike “The Flip Man” Baird from Spike’s hit show, Flip Men, and Greg “The Bank” Herlean have teamed up to build one of the fastest growing and most profitable real estate investing businesses in the country. Now, Mike and Greg have turned their strategies for investing into an educational program that has helped people, just like you, start their own real estate business. The Property Bank team is coming to the Great Falls area to present a live training (free to the first 50 to signup). Reserve your free seats now before they are gone.


Missing: Gracie

From my friend Sara at Infinity Lofts:

ALERT!!!! Please keep your eyes open for a WHITE DOVE / HOMING PIGEON.
‘Gracie’ is a young adult pure white dove, she has a single pink band on her leg.
We really want Gracie home. She should be in our loft, but is not this evening.
Everyone’s leg bands have been inventoried and she’s our missing bird.

PLEASE NOTE: Gracie should be in the Sun River, Ft Shaw, Vaughn area if she ran into a problem near the loft.

If she was somehow accidentally placed in a training toss this am she could be anywhere in Great Falls and outer areas. We do not believe this happened, but she is unaccounted for, and best to keep an open mind.for her benefit. Please call us immediately if you have any questions, leads, or think you have seen her. 750-29two9. THANK YOU!!
Please share, this is a public post to help bring Gracie home.

Gracie the Dove


11:29 am. She’s in good condition. Doesn’t look to have a mark on her!!!

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Oh, how I love Montana license plates! The county designations, the designs, the personalization.

But don’t you even THINK about re-arranging the numerical order. Butte will forever be #1, and Great Falls (Cascade County) will ALWAYS be #2 — damn the current demographics!

Sorry, Lincoln County, you’re stuck at #56 — and Gallatin County, you know I love you, but you will never be anything but #6.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see a Montana plate pop up in a Slate article this week about the popularity of “BORT”license plates — even here in Montana!


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Amber Alert vs. Missing/Endangered Person Alert

Sad that two of the three major media outlets (KFBB and GF Tribune) labeled this as an AMBER Alert. In fact, it’s a Missing/Endangered Person Alert. There is a difference. Not every child who is reported missing is the subject of an AMBER Alert (see below).





The difference:

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Celtic Cowboy

We ate at the Celtic Cowboy in downtown Great Falls just a few days after it opened nearly a year ago, and it was…weird.

The overall atmosphere was pretty awesome — it’s a beautiful restaurant and pub, plenty of space, very nice furnishings, lots of Irish-themed posters and decorations and wall-hangings. The Irish-themed menu was a little difficult for me to understand, full of things that didn’t sound too appealing to my very limited tastes, so of course I went with my default: a burger. The beef was pretty good, but it was served on “soda bread” — something I had never heard of, and which was absolutely horrible. It ruined the burger, seriously. The fries were decent, and the service was nice, if not exceptional.

But the really weird part? The plates – and I use the term loosely. They don’t use ACTUAL plates — just flat pieces of something that appear to be made of the same stuff as the little “book” that restaurants present the bill to you in. It might sound like a very small detail, but it was very…disorienting. Stuff on the “plate” is prone to roll around or move, and if you shake a little bit of salt (etc) on your food, the salt (etc) winds up all over the table. And stuffing the side orders such as the French fries into little metal “cups” was similarly odd.

So. We hadn’t dared to venture back to the Celtic Cowboy since then — until today. We had heard rumors that things had been “shaken up” in the kitchen for a while, and that some changes had been made, etc., so we tried it for lunch today, and it was definitely a more pleasant experience.

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Apply Within

Not that I’m looking for a new job, but it’s nice to know what’s available out there.


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