Animal Party!

I’m not a huge fan of Bitstrips, but every now and then I’ll see one that amuses me. This is a perfect example.


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Park Ranger

If you ever wanted to be a park ranger at a really cool place with some absolutely STUNNING scenery, here’s your chance!



From The Beet, which appears to be a Montana-based version of The Onion: “A native of Harlowton was mistakenly identified as a non-local Monday night because he wasn’t wearing a 406 T-shirt.” Heh. Not a lot there yet, but I hope to see more.

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These two article have nothing to do with each other, I promise.


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I honestly don’t understand this level of hatred.


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Early “Mad Men”

Truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction – take a look at some print ads that would never make it today.

Exhibit A:


On the other hand — I’ve found a couple of ads here in Great Falls in recent years that, while they aren’t quite as bad as the examples in the above link, are indeed a bit questionable:

Avoid PMS — really?


And impugning the beauty of ladies who wear glasses – not cool.


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