This is what the inside of Burger King looked like on Thursday — a van crashed through the east-side of the building last week.


Am I A Car Seat?

“3 out of 4 Car Seats are Improperly Installed. Are You One of Them?”

No. I am not one of those car seats. But thanks for asking!



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And I don’t even LIKE carrots…

“I know nobody will see my status but sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot.”

Ccourtesy of my friend Noelle. If you leave a comment on this post, you will have to post it as your Facebook status. Go ahead – I dare you.

Playing With Wolves

Some topics that are posted to news sites in Montana are guaranteed to generate passionate responses — Barry Beach, DUI, “leggings” in public schools — but I am always surprised at just HOW passionate some people are when the subject is wolves. Kill the wolves, save the wolves — heated comments on both sides.

But this comment — seen on KXLH.com regarding wolf hunting season — made me sort of chuckle.

“Stop the killing & open your hearts to the love of a wolf. They need loved & cared for just like u and I need. I would love to touch a real wolf & play with it all day. Instead of just seeing pictures & reading about the wolves being hurt.”

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KHTC offering reward:

Very nice of KHTC: “Hot 99.3 will give a reward from the GRAB bag to anyone whom provides the information that leads to the person responsible for this.”


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Fender Bender

Parked downtown on Saturday — when I returned to my Jeep, I saw this:

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