Morning Light progress!

Morning Light coffee shop on 9th Street North is getting ready to move — they are finishing up re-modeling the building at 1701 9th Avenue South.

The building once housed La Pastada restaurant and most recently a child-care facility.

I stopped by today to check it out – looks pretty good, and the patio area is cool. Don’t know yet when it will be up and running.

Farewell, Eddie’s

Eddie's Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club will soon be no more, sadly. It’s been sold, and it appears that it will become a “sports bar.”

I know a lot of people who absolutely love Eddie’s food — campfire steak, trout, burgers — and while I enjoyed the food, it wasn’t my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong – the food was certainly tasty, but what made Eddie’s so special to me was the atmosphere.

Walking in to that rectangle, white building was like walking through a time portal: the carpet, the decor, the lighting, and most of all, the piano bar.

Thanks for the wonderful memories, Eddie’s! You will be missed.

Salty Talk

I’m not 100% certain, but I think the guy with the potty-mouth in this video is Larry Kralj – known to many bloggers way back in the day as “Redneck Hippie” and “Environmental RANGER!”

To be honest, I hadn’t thought about Larry in quite a while – not since he was banned about 10 years ago from several online forums for his tirades and insults.

The issue being discussed is the proposed copper mine near White Sulphur Springs, and this gentleman has some…um…strong opinions on the subject. A lot of people do! But this profanity-laced tirade is simply bewildering.

“Get the fuck back to Canada and Australia!” “Fuck youuuu, dude!” “We own that fucking river!” “FUCK YOU! Fuck Canada!” “You big fucking piece of shit!”

Jessica Sena was there and shared the video on Facebook, and wrote: “So this happened tonight at a panel discussion on the Smith River and Black Butte Copper Project…”

Petrini’s Post

Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?

Petrini actually tried to defend this in an interview (paywall article) with the Tribune.

He can try to spin it any way he wants — freedom of speech, just a joke, riffing on someone else’s post, whatever – but most people (thank goodness) see it for what it really is.


UPDATE: Please note that I have no problem with Petrini expressing his views, no matter how disgusting – that’s his right! Yay 1st Amendment, seriously!

And under normal circumstances, this is the kind of of garbage that I (and many others) simply ignore — not going to gin up the outrage machine over every idiotic Facebook post, there’s simply not enough time and there’s really no point — racists gonna racist, etc.

But this guy ran for City Commission, and is now running for the GFPS school board, so shining a light on his sense of “humor” is absolutely within the bounds of commentary and public scrutiny.

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