Great Falls Cosplayer: Marlesa Popp

I had the pleasure of meeting Marlesa Popp today – some of you may know her (or of her) from her “Miss Mouse Cosplay” page on Facebook, or have seen her at events dressed as one of her creations. She was delightful to talk to — very passionate about her craft! We talked about the increasing popularity and acceptance of cosplay – it used to be kind of a purely geek thing, in terms of…

Random Pix (January 11, 2015)

I love it when companies make it so easy to Doge-ify their products: Dropped in to the new Do Bar for the first time ever, and I ran into these fine folks! Yup, more snow — more than 13 inches during the past several days. Winter wonderland, indeed — beautiful! Behind the scenes during a KRTV newscast. Many screens, tons of buttons!

Animal Party!

I’m not a huge fan of Bitstrips, but every now and then I’ll see one that amuses me. This is a perfect example.

Early “Mad Men”

Truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction – take a look at some print ads that would never make it today. Exhibit A: On the other hand — I’ve found a couple of ads here in Great Falls in recent years that, while they aren’t quite as bad as the examples in the above link, are indeed a bit questionable: Avoid PMS — really? And impugning the beauty of ladies who wear glasses – not…

Jeremih in Billings

I had never heard of Jeremih until yesterday – but he and/or his touring crew apparently caused quite a ruckus at Fuddruckers down in Billings the other day. Jerk move (and possibly criminal?), to be sure — but while doing some online digging about it, I was quickly disheartened – disgusted and sickened, actually – by some of the comments left on his Facebook page. Was Jeremih a jerk? Sure sounds like it. But stuff…

Honk Honk!

“Gotham” — sometimes referred to in our house as “Got Ham?” — might be the best scripted TV show I’ve seen in years. A favorite spot from this week’s episode is The Penguin’s “golden goose” reply: But, as with all previous episodes, the weakest link is Barbara.

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