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Best. Birthday Card. EVER.

From my amazing friend Kelly (owner of Treat Animal Wellness down in Boz!) — this has got to be the MOST AMAZING BIRTHDAY CARD / GRAPHIC / IMAGE EVER CREATED IN ALL OF HISTORY. Thank you Kelly!!!!!

Remember, kids — there is never NOT a good time for DOGE.


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Where’s Waldo?

FOUND HIM. Who would have thought he was hiding in plain sight in downtown Great Falls?


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What I Watch: Gotham

How about a dash of pop culture and TV? I’m hooked on the new show “Gotham.” Didn’t think it was even worth checking out, but my wife recorded the first episode, and I’m very impressed.

The Gordon character is well done — trying very, very hard to find a balance between “Doing The Right Thing” and “Going Along With Corrupt People Just Enough To Avoid Being Killed.”

The proto-Penguin is a literal character, obviously, and very well portrayed. Fish Mooney is a hoot. The Mafia-type gangs are stereotypes and a bit comical, but in the alternate Gotham universe, they work just fine.

Weakest points so far: Lil’ Brucie and Alfred, and Gordon’s girlfriend Barbara — although as noted below, there was some progress made in the most recent episode re: Bruce and Alfred.

What I Watch: Gotham

My recent post on FanFare about the “Viper” episode:

Lil’ Brucie has largely been an annoyance up until this episode, detracting from the fun stuff — but in this episode, we began to see how he eventually became “the world’s greatest detective” — which is how Batman was originally presented.

And re: era/style — I’m OK with the mish-mash — remember in the first Burton Batman, the opening scene, with the tourist couple and kid getting lost and taking an alley? When I first saw that, I thought that it was set in the 1940s, and that perhaps we were seeing Mr & Mrs Wayne with young Bruce. But no, it was “modern” — just that everybody was wearing hats.

Remember, this is set in an alternate universe — they can have different styles and eras represented.

And in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I was VERY skeptical about this show — hadn’t even planned on watching, figuring it would be something like “Gotham 90210″ — but my wife wanted to check it out, and I tagged along — and have enjoyed each episode more than the previous one. I’m hooked.

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Sky Doge!

My friend Kelly snapped this photo near Bozeman, and it seemed perfectly suited to a little doge-izing.


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Pain Scale

Made a trip to the doc last week (just meds refill) and was entertained by this Cartman-inspired “Pain Scale” chart.

If your pain level is at “10″ then you are unconscious.


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St. Paul & The Broken Bones

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the kitchen and my lovely bride was watching “The Late, Late Show” with Craig Ferguson. Toward the end of the show, I heard music…good music. Soulful music. Amazing music. It was…incredible. I went into the living room to watch it, and froze in place – it was that amazing.

The band’s name: St. Paul & The Broken Bones. I haven’t been this excited about a “new” band since…um…maybe late 1982, when Duran Duran hit the scene. Seriously.

And believe it or not, three days later, when my wife and I ate dinner at Bert & Ernie’s, THIS SONG was playing!

Check it out:

And wouldja believe that the band will actually be performing IN MONTANA in July? Not in Great Falls. Not in Missoula. Not even in Billings.

Nope. St. Paul & The Broken Bones will be performing in Eureka, Montana — population 1,037. Concert is on July 23rd. In the Lincoln County High School auditorium.

Eureka, I don’t know how you did it, but KUDOS on landing this gig. I predict a packed house.


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