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Mrs. Bob Newhart?

Apparently Bob Newhart has been undergoing some sort of gender-reassignment procedure, according to KFBB.

'Comedienne' Bob Newhart

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Looks like the station “bug” in the upper-left corner is deliberately trying to make folks chuckle…


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I’m not sure what Trib reporter Eric Dietrich’s definition of “wacky” is, but mine doesn’t include a man losing his house in a fire, or a woman and her dogs being attacked by a bear.


UPDATE: Good move — they updated the article to remove the “wacky” part of the header on that section.


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It always fascinates me (sometimes amuses, sometimes puzzles) to see what people actually click on when they visit news sites…especially compared to what some people *think* they will or should be clicking.

For instance, take a look at what the most-clicked articles on were over the last week. Are you surprised by any of the items on the list?

Most Clicked on KRTV

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