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So I recently made the mistake of adding Greg Strandberg of Big Sky Words to the blogroll because he seems like a decent writer and such, but after he demonstrated this bit of jackassery, his site has now been removed from the roll.


The point is that one reporter (based in Helena, whose “beat” is Montana politics) researched and wrote the story, and that story then aired on MTN News stations across the state and was published on MTN News websites (such as and, etc). The “N” in MTN stands for NETWORK, which apparently is too high-minded a concept for some people to understand.

I asked him if he was similarly upset about Associated Press (AP) stories that are printed verbatim in virtually all Montana newspapers and on Montana newspaper websites, but haven’t heard back from him.

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Amber Alert vs. Missing/Endangered Person Alert

Sad that two of the three major media outlets (KFBB and GF Tribune) labeled this as an AMBER Alert. In fact, it’s a Missing/Endangered Person Alert. There is a difference. Not every child who is reported missing is the subject of an AMBER Alert (see below).





The difference:

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Am I A Car Seat?

“3 out of 4 Car Seats are Improperly Installed. Are You One of Them?”

No. I am not one of those car seats. But thanks for asking!



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Playing With Wolves

Some topics that are posted to news sites in Montana are guaranteed to generate passionate responses — Barry Beach, DUI, “leggings” in public schools — but I am always surprised at just HOW passionate some people are when the subject is wolves. Kill the wolves, save the wolves — heated comments on both sides.

But this comment — seen on regarding wolf hunting season — made me sort of chuckle.

“Stop the killing & open your hearts to the love of a wolf. They need loved & cared for just like u and I need. I would love to touch a real wolf & play with it all day. Instead of just seeing pictures & reading about the wolves being hurt.”

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Mrs. Bob Newhart?

Apparently Bob Newhart has been undergoing some sort of gender-reassignment procedure, according to KFBB.

'Comedienne' Bob Newhart

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Looks like the station “bug” in the upper-left corner is deliberately trying to make folks chuckle…


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