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Three Years!

It was three years ago this evening that I arrived in Great Falls — and knew almost immediately that I had found Home. Never in…

Around Town


One of the fixtures here in Great Falls is “Larry The Homeless Guy.” I don’t know if that’s his name, but that’s what everyone calls…

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Hello, Sam!

Quite a surprise when I was flipping through the FM dial during lunch: instead of hearing the usual thrash/alt metal/hard-rock on 107.3, I heard “You…

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July 4th

Made my first-ever trip to Black Eagle Park this evening, and found it to be quite fun. Needs a little bit of TLC, but a…

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Be Aware

The Great Falls Tribune reports that a Tier III sex offender has moved to Great Falls: Richard Shular, 23…convicted of raping 2 teenage girls in…

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