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In case you missed it, here are some of the recent entries:

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Westgate Mall 1986: what used to be located in our “other” mall?

Visiting ImageFitters

A few weeks ago the Trib ran an article about ImageFitters, focusing on the recent employee purchase of the business when the owners decided to sell it and move out of state. I stopped by to visit the shop and was impressed by the good cheer that seemed to be everywhere. Some nifty gear, too; lots of choices for creating personalized shirts, coffee mugs, and such. Here’s the press release they put out a few days ago: Continue reading

Birthplace of Great Falls

Several weeks ago I posted about a small book from 1986 titled “What To Do On A Boring Day In Great Falls.” Here’s an excerpt about our city’s founding:

Great Falls as a city originated one beautiful sunny day in early May of 1882. On that particular day, Paris Gibson, age 42, climbed to the top of the Boston Heights Hill (First Ave N and 33rd St) and was struck by the awesome beauty of the gently rolling plains stretching to the Medicine and Missouri Rivers with snowcapped mountains visible in every direction. He had already observed the potential of the Falls and here was the level ground to place a city. Like a lightening (sic) flash, Great Falls began at this moment of conception.

Thank you, Paris Gibson! Coming up in the next excerpt: Johnstown and Little Milwaukee.