Reggie Watts Is…Mark Hamill

Reggie Watts (GFHS grad, musical director on “The Late, Late Show”) visited KRTV on Wednesday – absolutely a super-nice guy, and very funny. Everybody was happy to meet him.

After the obligatory interview, he posed for selfies with just about everybody.

When it was my turn, I asked him to record a brief video for my daughter, who adores him and thinks he is the funniest guy on earth. Reggie obliged, and left us all laughing, too 😀

Here’s the extended interview:

Strip Club Advice

The “Great Falls” page on Reddit is pretty mellow – not a lot of activity.

BUT if you are coming to visit our fair community from a large metro area, and wondering about the “strip club” action in Great Falls…well, here you go:

“You ain’t ever gonna find a better strip club then the Playground, that is if you like getting slapped around a bit.”

Then & Now

Whoa. The concrete semi-building that has graced Smelter Avenue between 2Js and the Twilite Center has been demolished.

I think when it was built – back in 2006ish – it was going to be the site of Boston’s restaurant, which instead built on 7th Street South off of 10th Avenue South.

So there it sat for more than a decade, just a hunka hunka concrete.

When I drove by today, I asked a couple of guys who were working on smoothing out the dirt if they knew anything about what might be built there.

They said as far as they know, there are no plans – the owner of the land just wanted the semi-building gone.

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