Movie Night Prep

Finally got around to setting up the big screen and breaking out the projector — yesterday evening was (1) not too hot or cold, and (2) not windy. Those two factors are rare 🙂 Unfortunately, the projector didn’t want to connect to the computer, so Movie Night will have to wait just a little bit as we wait for a new connector cable to arrive.

First movie in the queue…quite possibly “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”

The “Bone” Squirrel

We enjoy heading down to Ulm periodically to enjoy a dinner at the Beef N Bone Steakhouse – arguably the best steak in Cascade County.

My choice is almost always the TOMAHAWK — a 36 to 48-ounce ribeye (bone-in) that is basically perfect. Once I have devoured most (or sometimes all!) of the meat, the huge bone then comes home where it becomes a chew-toy for Ziggy. He gnaws on it in the living room, walks around proudly carrying it back to the bedroom, and then sometimes heads out to the backyard with it.

About a year ago, we discovered that one of the bones had somehow “migrated” to the front yard, and were puzzled – yes, it gets windy in Great Falls, but not enough to lift a bone up and and over the fence…right?

But a look through some of our Nest videos showed the real culprit!

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