Dog Dress

Spotted this at Petcetera (I think?) on 10th Avenue South a few weeks ago.

"Do I look pretty now?"

“Do I look pretty now?”

I don’t know what’s better – the look on the poor dog’s face, or some of the comments it got when I shared it on Facebook with the caption “omg”:

Frankie Hopkins: Omg indeed, $18 for a dog dress is outrageous!!
MontiLee Stormer: Who hates their dog that much and why isn’t the ASPCA involved?

I absolutely love my Facebook friends.

But remember – if you’re ever in the market for stylish CAT clothes, you absolutely must must must visit the uber-classic Cat Prin site. It’s been…15 years? – and it still absolutely delights me.

Dog Park!

Saturday was a good day for Ziggy and I to visit the dog park! Even pretty early in the morning, it was pretty packed full of pups!



Sunday was a perfect day to take Ziggy to the dog park! He saw some of his friends there – including this little fellow, Honky.

Honky is a regular at the park; his human is an older gentleman who rides a moped and usually brings three dogs to the park. One of his other dogs is Archie, an adorable 3-legged dog who just looooooves a good tummy scratching!

Today, however, was the first time that I have seen Honky sporting a blue hue! His human explained that so many people assume that Honky is a girl, so every once in a while he gets a blue ‘do to accentuate that he is a boy 🙂 The dog park was pretty crowded today, since the weather was so nice — what a happy place to be!

Honky the blue-tinted poodle

Cotton Fluffies

Picked up some new socks at Herbergers the other day – and look at the name: COTTON FLUFFIES.

Let me repeat that in case you missed it the first time: COTTON FLUFFIES!!!

There are literally scores of different breeds of sheep – Merino, Iranian Red, North Ronaldsay, Poll Dorset, Pomeranian Coarsewool, Romney, Shetland, and so many more – and I want to know why COTTON FLUFFY isn’t one of them.


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