“Food with a side of Boobies!!!!”

So…if this post on Craiglist is legit, then things might get a little more interesting up in Carter: apparently the former Rocking K has a new owner who has turned it into a strip club.

New Club ParadiseLLC just opened we are a new club out in a remote location 23 miles away from great falls out on the old havre high way. We also serve food and were the only bar in the town so imagine the possibilities. We’re a hour and a half from Havre. We’re in farm land on a major highway, right by a fishing spot where there’s a lot of bored men just waiting to see you…….We have drinks and lap dances food, a DJ playing all the hottest tracks and taking request, and great environment…come check us out 23 miles from the city out in the cut can’t wait to see you all.

I don’t know why, but this sound like some sort of a prank. If it is true, then I’m sad — it’s been a while, but we really enjoyed our few visits to the Rocking K.

"New strip club open in Carter, Mt" (click for full size)

“New strip club open in Carter, Mt” (click for full size)

Crop Face?

We had a great weekend — day-trip to a really, really awesome place in Chouteau County that I will post about later — but when we got home, as always, I did more online digging to check out some of the stuff we had seen.

Check out this Google map screenshot of an area that we drove through…


Now let’s zoom in a bit…do you see it yet?


More zoom — now you can see it!


So…did somebody do that intentionally? Or is just a Rorschach-type thing that makes me think it looks like a face?

ELMO’S Highwood Bar

The Highwood Bar (previously) has a new owner, a new name, and even a new menu! The sale just happened a few days ago — Dave and his wife (both retired Air Force) bought it, and are doing some mild renovation and updating.

And best of all — in addition to the regular and legendary Friday Steak Night, they are now serving a few other items ALL THE TIME!

So on Sunday, my wife and I took the gorgeous, relaxing 30-minute drive out to Highwood and for the first time ever, ate something OTHER than steak at what is now called Elmo’s Highwood Bar. Dave said that Elmo was the name of the original owner decades ago, and he thought it would be neat to add that to the name.

Krista enjoyed a delicious tri-tip sandwich (which I sampled – mmmmm), and I had a bacon-double-cheeseburger. Folks, trust me: it was the best damn burger I’ve had in several years — juicy, flavorful, just the right size (heh), and the bacon was amazing. Think it was the best burger I’ve had since our last visit to Square Butte.

And Krista said the hot slaw was – as always – beyond delicious.

Dave talked a bit about some of the changes he’s making, and getting the bar involved in some community events, and it sounds pretty awesome. Can’t wait to head back.

SO: like ’em on Facebook, call ahead for a Friday night steak dinner, and definitely stop by for a burger on your next day-trip!

BEHOLD: the bacon-double-cheeseburger!

Spiffy new sign:

Nothing fancy – just simple and what you need:



Legendary Friday Steak Night!

A pic from a few years ago:

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