The “Bone” Squirrel

We enjoy heading down to Ulm periodically to enjoy a dinner at the Beef N Bone Steakhouse – arguably the best steak in Cascade County.

My choice is almost always the TOMAHAWK — a 36 to 48-ounce ribeye (bone-in) that is basically perfect. Once I have devoured most (or sometimes all!) of the meat, the huge bone then comes home where it becomes a chew-toy for Ziggy. He gnaws on it in the living room, walks around proudly carrying it back to the bedroom, and then sometimes heads out to the backyard with it.

About a year ago, we discovered that one of the bones had somehow “migrated” to the front yard, and were puzzled – yes, it gets windy in Great Falls, but not enough to lift a bone up and and over the fence…right?

But a look through some of our Nest videos showed the real culprit!

Angus Bar in Cascade

It’s been far too long since my lovely bride and I made the beautiful drive down to Cascade, so today we did.

We waved to all of the animals we saw along the way — many cows, half-dozen deer, a few sheep — and a small gathering of antelope on the way home 🙂 We also saw what initially appeared to be a small fox roaming in the parking lot of the Cascade school, but it turned out to only be a large, fluffy cat.

A few years ago, we ate at the Badger Cafe, which is no more, sadly. A few months after that, we ate at the Driftwood Bar, but it didn’t appear to be open today, so we had lunch at the Angus Bar – our first visit.

Bacon cheeseburgers for both of us, and I got the fries and my wife got the tots.

Verdict: burgers were fair, tots were OK, and the fries were DELICIOUS. Fresh-cut, not greasy, perfect.

Angus Bar in Cascade

Angus Bar in Cascade

Burger was OK, fries were AMAZING

Burger was OK, fries were AMAZING

Cute cow on a little shelf!

Cute cow on a little shelf!

Coming Soon: Eden Market

The Eden Market south of Great Falls is opening…soon. They had originally planned to open this month, but apparently there is a problem regarding zoning.

I stopped by a few days ago, and remodeling is well underway:

Eden Market on Lower River Road

Eden Market on Lower River Road

The Eden Market is what used to be known as the Outback Market; it’s about 4 miles south of Overlook (Flag Hill) Drive on Lower River Road.

Formerly the Outback Country Store

Formerly the Outback Country Store

They’ve got big plans for the store: “Eden Market is your locally owned and operated neighborhood convenience store. We’re your one-stop shop for fresh groceries, sundries, and more.”

They posted on their Facebook page a few days ago: “We have some discouraging news folks. The Eden Market opening has been delayed due to a county mobile home zoning issue. The grandfathered exception has expired.”

I’m not sure what the zoning problem is, but they plan to bring the issue up at two Cascade County Commission meetings over the next few weeks.


Whatever the problem is, I hope it gets resolved – and soon. It looks like a really cool small business that would be very much appreciated by folks who live in the area.

Crimestoppers (August 2016)

Tyler Valley nancy

Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers has released the August 2016 “Most Wanted” list.

If you have information about the location of any of the people on the list, you’re asked to call the 24-hour Crimestoppers Hotline at 727-TIPS (8477).

If you believe that any of the information contained on the list is inaccurate, call the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office at 406-454-6820 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Anyone who uses information contained in the list to commit a criminal act against someone else is subject to criminal prosecution.

Click here for the Crimestoppers page on Facebook.

(PS – you can meet Tipper, the adorable Crimestoppers mascot, on August 9th at Lions Park!)

TIpper the Crimestoppers mascot!

TIpper the Crimestoppers mascot!

Bison Day!

I got to feed bison!!!

I got to feed bison!!!

I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life – I got to visit some bison!

Roy and Shellie have a small bison ranch near Great Falls, and they were kind enough to let us visit a few weeks ago.

The young bison are out front; they are about a year old. They absolutely *love* eating loaves of bread (from JJs bakery!). The smallest one is named Goliath, and he was a little bit shy.

Then we hopped into Roy and Shellie’s SUV and got to drive to the “back yard” where the adult bison live – and WOW.

The big fella is named Squirrel, and he is as majestic as you can imagine. There were a few calves, too – and no, we did not attempt to put one in the back of the SUV.

There was also one pregnant bison who kept her distance – she was due to have her baby any day.

HUGE THANK YOU to Roy and Shellie (and Kim and Andrea!) for letting us visit these beautiful bison!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t forget – these are BISON, not BUFFALO. There is a difference.

Please, Please

Hand-written sign posted above the urinals in an eatery – any guesses which one?

NOTE: do not let the sign discourage you – trust me, this place has the BEST BURGERS in Cascade County.
Also kick-ass French fries, and an internet-connected jukebox that lets me groove to my heart’s content.
PLUS super-friendly service. Seriously.

Yes, the sign is admittedly pretty yucky, but I ain’t picking places to eat based on the restrooms.


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