Overtime is coming

The sign is up at what will soon be “Overtime”:

It’s the building that formerly was Eddieā€™s Supper Club, which closed about a year ago.

I miss Eddie’s, and am so grateful that I was able to experience the wonderful atmosphere and dining at Eddie’s.

I know a lot of people are pre-emptively bashing Overtime, but what good does that do? The owners of Overtime didn’t do anything to cause Eddie’s to close – they are simply trying to come up with their own business.

Overtime will reportedly be some type of “sports bar,” which isn’t exactly up my alley – but if they serve food, I will certainly give it a try when it opens, and I wish them the best.

Now let’s take a brief musical trip down Memory Lane:

Ballot Time

I’m going to vote AGAINST the park and the school taxes. Because I obviously do not want nice parks in our community, and I hate children and education.

No, wait.

I’m going to vote FOR the park and the school taxes, because I obviously have too much money and this won’t cost any more than a few cups of coffee each month.

See, voting on things like this — for or against — doesn’t boil down to simplistic thoughts like that. And I hate when people try to portray a NO vote as a vote against children, or education, or parks. And also hate when people try to portray a YES vote as a socialist move that does nothing more than line the pockets of bureaucrats.

I’m not certain yet how I plan to vote. All I ask of fellow voters (and people who bitch and complain but don’t vote) is that they don’t try to denigrate and demean other people for voting opposite them.

Former Sheriff

There’s an interesting contest underway now in Cascade County between several men who want to the Sheriff…and my wife just found this nifty old promotional card for a Sheriff from a while back. How many of you remember Barry Michelotti?

Even better – the back of the card contained the complete list of Montana counties and license plate numbers, along with the county seats and distance from Great Falls – very cool!

Reggie Watts Is…Mark Hamill

Reggie Watts (GFHS grad, musical director on “The Late, Late Show”) visited KRTV on Wednesday – absolutely a super-nice guy, and very funny. Everybody was happy to meet him.

After the obligatory interview, he posed for selfies with just about everybody.

When it was my turn, I asked him to record a brief video for my daughter, who adores him and thinks he is the funniest guy on earth. Reggie obliged, and left us all laughing, too šŸ˜€

Here’s the extended interview:

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