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Morning Light progress!

Morning Light coffee shop on 9th Street North is getting ready to move — they are finishing up re-modeling the building at 1701 9th Avenue South.

The building once housed La Pastada restaurant and most recently a child-care facility.

I stopped by today to check it out – looks pretty good, and the patio area is cool. Don’t know yet when it will be up and running.

Farewell, Eddie’s

Eddie's Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club

Eddie’s Supper Club will soon be no more, sadly. It’s been sold, and it appears that it will become a “sports bar.”

I know a lot of people who absolutely love Eddie’s food — campfire steak, trout, burgers — and while I enjoyed the food, it wasn’t my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong – the food was certainly tasty, but what made Eddie’s so special to me was the atmosphere.

Walking in to that rectangle, white building was like walking through a time portal: the carpet, the decor, the lighting, and most of all, the piano bar.

Thanks for the wonderful memories, Eddie’s! You will be missed.

Eye On Great Falls!


Here’s a look at some of the changes happening in Great Falls, including new businesses, construction in progress, and other tidbits.

Let me also note: I appreciate changes like this. Sometimes they are sad – such as when Goodes’s Q & Bayou Grill closed. Sometimes they are good – such as the news of Big Bang Pizza (below). But these changes are always fascinating, and are part of what makes our community vibrant and diverse.

The Prime Cut restaurant closed last week. After more than 37 years of working at and then owning the restaurant, the owner said that it’s time for him to try something new. Best wishes to him!

Construction has begun on the new City Brew facility on the corner of 3rd Street NW and Smelter Avenue, on the lot that once housed Burger Master. I’m pretty excited about this — I am super-super-super-loyal to Starbucks, but I am looking forward to trying a new place. More choices = good.

Big Bang Pizza opened for business this week in the Columbus Center building. I’ve already had it twice – and was VERY impressed both times! Some more info here.

The New Peking Restaurant on 3rd Street NW is closed – but only for remodeling. No word yet on how long it will be closed for renovations.

Dimitri’s Restaurant on 3rd Street NW closed several weeks ago. The Greek-themed eatery posted note on the door says the restaurant lost its lease and they are being forced out. Very sad – it was a pretty neat restaurant, run by two wonderful people – I hope they bring it back in another location. Here’s a brief review from when it first opened.

A new egg-processing facility is being built along 38th Street North near 10th Avenue. Click here for more information.

Construction continues along 10th Avenue South between 14th Street and 15th Street for a new Town Pump convenience store and casino. The site was formerly home to the Townhouse Inn hotel. Click here to read more.

Hobby Lobby apparently plans to open a store in Great Falls. I’ve heard rumors that it will be located inside the former Sears store in Holiday Village Mall. I’m not a “hobbyist,” so it’s not a big deal for me – but this news sure did make a lot of people happy (and some people not happy, due to political differences), based on Facebook reactions. Click here for more information.

Construction on the new Walmart and East-End Retail Center along 10th Avenue South near 57th Street is going strong. Click here for details.

And as some of you have surely heard, there are rumors that Ulta and Harbor Freight will be coming to Great Falls — but as far as I know, they are only rumors at this point.

Prime Location

Heck of a location!

Heck of a location!

What should be built on the space currently occupied by this decrepit building? Wait, don’t tell me: a mattress store! Or a bank! Or a casino!


Actually, “what should be built there?” is not the right question.

The question is actually: Will the City of Great Falls force the owner to do something about it?

City officials will discuss this week a resolution which states that “…if the owner fails to abate said nuisance as ordered and within the time allowed, the City Staff is directed to take any and all steps necessary to abate the nuisance with all expenses to attach as a lien against the property.”

I agree that the building is pretty much an eyesore – and it has also sparked the imagination of many, many people over the years.

The location – right along the west bank of the Missouri River by the Central Avenue bridge – seems ideal for many ventures — a riverside restaurant, for instance, or perhaps an events center.

And when this news article was posted on KRTV, people weighed in with their answers to the first (but incorrect) question.

Among the suggestions:

Holly Gordon: Turn it into something so that the high schoolers and young adults have some else to do in this town.

Mamie Ann Webster Carter: This would make a beautiful restuarant, overlooking the river, patio for outside dining. Great Falls needs good restaurants with good service.

Desiree Boothe: I would love love love to see it be turned into a reception hall for weddings! I think it could be turned into a beautiful place! Especially since Great Falls has NOTHING like that in town.

Nikki Pearson: I wish there was a way to save this building.. It would make a great spaghetti factory! It’s a neat looking place but needs something done with it.

Zaeda Denae June: My mom always wanted to do kayak and bike rentals, a small arcade, smoothie/coffee bar and like an info center & little family fun area there. A little of everything for everyone.

Corey Hughes: I wish we had a comedy club here, its a nice spot though kinda limited parking if you planned something there. Curious what of will become.

Patty Kelly Morris: I thought maybe an ice/skating rink or a very nice steak house or sushi place

So there’s a sampling of what people think.

As for me: well, sure, it would be cool to have that spot used for something…cool.

But unless someone is willing to give me several million dollars to turn it into the coolest Starbucks / skating rink / art gallery /events center, the decision is up to Ken Holman, the owner of the property.