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Random Pix (January 1, 2015)

So yeah…we got a little bit of snow over the last several days — a true “White Christmas” and then some!


Dining at 3-D in Black Eagle, and noticed that some of the folks at my table who ordered alcoholic beverages got fancy little umbrellas in their drinks — but my poor glass of cola didn’t rate, so I begged the waitress for a fancy umbrella:


Really dig the new look inside Rikki’s restaurant (and they’ve upped their service and food game, too!):


Feelin’ the luv at Starbucks :-)


The Reveal

I’ll admit — a bit disappointed that the “What’s Shakin’?” billboards turned out to be ads for a new church in Great Falls. Was hoping for a new restaurant or something a bit more exciting.

BUT! It was very cool of Bruce (the pastor) and Jeff (the billboard guy) to invite me (exclusively!) to the unveiling of the secret this morning — super nice guys, and they did a great job creating buzz with their marketing campaign.

Church billboard in Great Falls

“Uncle Sam Fairy”

Did you know that there is an “Uncle Sam Fairy?” I took this picture on June 21st *somewhere* in Great Falls, but can’t remember where. Antique store maybe?


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Smashed Bug

Saw this along 2nd Avenue South near 7th Street on Tuesday morning…not quite sure what to make of it. There’s also a damaged car parked in front of the VW.


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Grrrr. The bison/fish sculpture near the 1st Avenue North bridge has been vandalized. I absolutely love those bison sculptures around town.

Vandals are jackasses. Period. Hope whoever did this gets caught.

If you know who did it, call GFPD Crimestoppers at 406-727-8477.


From the Trib:

The “rainboffalo” statue that has greeted passers-by along the River’s Edge Trial at the east end of the 1st Avenue North Bridge since 2009 was vandalized sometime in the past several days, losing its fins to criminal mischief.

The damage occurred in two waves, River’s Edge Trail board member Karen Wicks said Tuesday afternoon. A leg fin was broken off but recovered late last week, she said, and the other fin and tail torn off and stolen over the weekend. The damage was reported to Great Falls police Monday.


I love that there are soooo many vanity license plates in Montana — and, like you, often daydream about what mine would be, if I ever opted to pony up for a set myself.

Some of the plates are pretty obvious, while others can take a moment or two to “read.”

This one is pretty easy to figure out…or is it?



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