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Dog Park!

Saturday was a good day for Ziggy and I to visit the dog park! Even pretty early in the morning, it was pretty packed full…


Goosey Time!

A little visit to hang out with the geese and their TOTES ADORBS little babies near Elks Riverside Park on Saturday! The babies are just…



Sunday was a perfect day to take Ziggy to the dog park! He saw some of his friends there – including this little fellow, Honky.…


Cow Parts

Maybe it’s my imagination, but doesn’t this cow look…almost, well…happy? He’s got a little grin (maybe a bit mischievious?) on his face.


Beep! Beep!

My friend Tracie shared this on Facebook — cracked me up — cows are just so damn whimsical even without captions and funny sayings like…

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