Why yes, I have been enjoying Shark Week and Shark Fest. Why do you ask?

Of course, there is no shark like the Great White — the ultimate predator – so I can’t really include Great Whites in my list of Top Three Sharks, because they truly are in a class all their own. So what are my Top Three Sharks?

#1 is the MAKO. They are crazy insane – just look at their eyes! And their teeth – my god, it’s like some sort of alien monster. And SO DAMN FAST.
#2 is the Great Blue. Because they seem to be the most graceful of all sharks.
#3 is the Basking. True, they are not “sharky” in the traditional sense of being able to bite you in half, but holy cow, when they open wide, they REALLY open wide!

Bison Day!

I got to feed bison!!!

I got to feed bison!!!

I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life – I got to visit some bison!

Roy and Shellie have a small bison ranch near Great Falls, and they were kind enough to let us visit a few weeks ago.

The young bison are out front; they are about a year old. They absolutely *love* eating loaves of bread (from JJs bakery!). The smallest one is named Goliath, and he was a little bit shy.

Then we hopped into Roy and Shellie’s SUV and got to drive to the “back yard” where the adult bison live – and WOW.

The big fella is named Squirrel, and he is as majestic as you can imagine. There were a few calves, too – and no, we did not attempt to put one in the back of the SUV.

There was also one pregnant bison who kept her distance – she was due to have her baby any day.

HUGE THANK YOU to Roy and Shellie (and Kim and Andrea!) for letting us visit these beautiful bison!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t forget – these are BISON, not BUFFALO. There is a difference.

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