Why yes, I have been enjoying Shark Week and Shark Fest. Why do you ask? Of course, there is no shark like the Great White — the ultimate predator – so I can’t really include Great Whites in my list of Top Three Sharks, because they truly are in a class all their own. So what are my Top Three Sharks? #1 is the MAKO. They are crazy insane – just look at their eyes!…

Nom Nom Nom

Little-known fact: sharks and horses do occasionally enjoy an oatmeal-like snack! Picked up both of these critters at Amazing Toys on Saturday – funQ

Bison Day!

I recently had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life – I got to visit some bison! Roy and Shellie have a small bison ranch near Great Falls, and they were kind enough to let us visit a few weeks ago. The young bison are out front; they are about a year old. They absolutely *love* eating loaves of bread (from JJs bakery!). The smallest one is named Goliath, and he was a…

Dog Dress

Spotted this at Petcetera (I think?) on 10th Avenue South a few weeks ago. I don’t know what’s better – the look on the poor dog’s face, or some of the comments it got when I shared it on Facebook with the caption “omg”: Frankie Hopkins: Omg indeed, $18 for a dog dress is outrageous!! MontiLee Stormer: Who hates their dog that much and why isn’t the ASPCA involved? Nate Smith: KNOW A FEW REZ…

Dog Park!

Saturday was a good day for Ziggy and I to visit the dog park! Even pretty early in the morning, it was pretty packed full of pups! [2jslideshow id=”11328″]

Goosey Time!

A little visit to hang out with the geese and their TOTES ADORBS little babies near Elks Riverside Park on Saturday! The babies are just so cute. One of them was eating a dandelion. I love how the mommy and daddy gooses shepherd their babies across River Drive. Freeze-frame!

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