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Pickup Cows

It’s not too unusual to see large trucks carrying cows in Great Falls — but this is the first time I’ve seen cows being carried in a pickup truck.


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The Reveal

I’ll admit — a bit disappointed that the “What’s Shakin’?” billboards turned out to be ads for a new church in Great Falls. Was hoping for a new restaurant or something a bit more exciting.

BUT! It was very cool of Bruce (the pastor) and Jeff (the billboard guy) to invite me (exclusively!) to the unveiling of the secret this morning — super nice guys, and they did a great job creating buzz with their marketing campaign.

Church billboard in Great Falls

Remember & Honor

“Attention, all units, all areas: standby for a 10-37 status check. 30,744 north 10-37? 30,744 north 10-37? 30,744 north 10-37? All units, all areas, be advised Cascade County Deputy, 30, Joe Dunn, is 10-7, and has ended his tour of duty. Rest in peace; we will take it from here. Cascade County dispatch clear.”

Thursday was a very sad day as Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy was laid to rest; it was heart-wrenching for so many reasons.

But it was amazing to see so much love and respect from so, so many people for him and his fellow LE officers and families – not just from the Great Falls community, but from every corner of Montana (and beyond).

Community pays respects as Cascade County Sheriff's Deputy Joseph Dunn is laid to rest

RIP, Ron

If you hadn’t already heard — Ron Grimshaw , one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, passed away last week. He was far too young to leave us.

Ron lived just a couple of blocks from me, and he would occasionally cruise by my house while walking his dogs, and we’d chat about life, the universe, and everything. Super-nice and super-smart, devoted family man — Great Falls lost a great guy.

He was also one of the first and most-frequent visitors and commenters here at, and sometimes shared some really cool sunset/sunrise pix.

Ron also gained some local fame by being the person who cracked the code surrounding the “We Make Contact” mystery a few years ago, when the Great Falls baseball team was preparing to unveil its new Voyagers name and theme.

The good folks at Banik have a summary of Ron’s detective work, and here is Ron’s account.

A GoFundMe account has been set up that says:

Ron was the most amazingly kind and true person. He died from a severe asthma attack that deprived him of oxygen too long. He was the main income of his family. $1500 is needed to cover costs that MUST be paid for the burial to peoceed. Help with these costs would be a blessing. Additonal funds are for the incurred medical bills at the ER. Ron was in the ER repeatedly and several were hospitalizations for prior asthma attack where his oxygen was dangerous ly low. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

If you can help his wife and kids by donating some money to help with funeral expenses, it will be very much appreciated.

Rest in peace, Ron — you are and will be missed.

RIP, Ron Grimshaw

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