Checking out the Fair

Aerial View

A peaceful flight over the river on Sunday:


Why yes, I have been enjoying Shark Week and Shark Fest. Why do you ask? Of course, there is no shark like the Great White — the ultimate predator – so I can’t really include Great Whites in my list of Top Three Sharks, because they truly are in a class all their own. So what are my Top Three Sharks? #1 is the MAKO. They are crazy insane – just look at their eyes!…


Another AWESOME dinner at the best steakhouse in Cascade County – the Beef ‘N Bone! Seriously. Nothing else even comes close. I heard a rumor that it was voted as the best in the area recently, too.

Hooray for 2Js!


Godzilla and Jet Jaguar – a dynamite duo! Remember: teamwork makes the dream work – in this case the dream was defeating Megalon and Gigan.

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