Not often that Great Falls hits Fark – but two of the top three at the same time?! And one of the links on Fark is to The Smoking Gun. Crazy. Also made Reddit. Car lodged in tree branches along River Drive (video) Mears charged with aggravated burglary and assault with a weapon

The “Bone” Squirrel

We enjoy heading down to Ulm periodically to enjoy a dinner at the Beef N Bone Steakhouse – arguably the best steak in Cascade County. My choice is almost always the TOMAHAWK — a 36 to 48-ounce ribeye (bone-in) that is basically perfect. Once I have devoured most (or sometimes all!) of the meat, the huge bone then comes home where it becomes a chew-toy for Ziggy. He gnaws on it in the living room,…

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