Most of you know that I’m not a sports fan, but I will say this: I smile whenever I hear that the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team wins a game. Why? Because of #34: Josh Huestis! Josh is from Great Falls, alum of Paris Gibson Middle School, and graduate of CMR High School. Then he went to Stanford University (cooler than Cal, ’nuff said), and then he fulfilled a lifelong dream by being drafted by…

Malcontent Malarkey

Rick Tryon has taken some direct shots at me and at KRTV (and the Tribune), so here is my (personal) response. Ever since he lost to Tracy Houck in the 2015 City Commission election, he has attempted to blame KRTV and the Tribune (he hasn’t mentioned KFBB, as far as I know). But every few weeks, he posts on Facebook that KRTV and the Trib failed to properly report on Houck’s campaign violations, which I…

Nom Nom Nom

Little-known fact: sharks and horses do occasionally enjoy an oatmeal-like snack! Picked up both of these critters at Amazing Toys on Saturday – funQ

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