In & Out

Had a very pleasant healthcare experience on Saturday. Well, as pleasant as can be expected, considering that I don’t feel so great. As much as I appreciate my military healthcare option, sometimes it just isn’t very convenient – especially on weekends, when the Malmstrom clinic is closed! So after feeling pretty yucky for more than 24 hours, I decided to try to the (fairly) new Walk In Express on the NW side of town. It…

“Suspicious Death”

The GFPD posted this on Saturday: Public posts on Facebook over the next few hours: ### ### ### ### Despite what some people think, this is NOT indicative of “Great Falls.” It is not normal, it is not expected, and it is absolutely shocking and heart-breaking.

Coming Soon: Eden Market

The Eden Market south of Great Falls is opening…soon. They had originally planned to open this month, but apparently there is a problem regarding zoning. I stopped by a few days ago, and remodeling is well underway: The Eden Market is what used to be known as the Outback Market; it’s about 4 miles south of Overlook (Flag Hill) Drive on Lower River Road. They’ve got big plans for the store: “Eden Market is your…

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