“Eye On Great Falls”

Here’s a look at some of the changes happening in Great Falls, including new/relocating businesses, construction in progress, and other tidbits. I love the “dynamics” of seeing change in our community. Sometimes it’s tinged with sadness, such as when Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill closed, or a building filled with “memories” is torn down, but it’s exciting to see new things springing up. The Great Falls offices of the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest and…

RIP, Hoagieville

Very sad news — Hoagieville has closed its Great Falls location. I saw an awful lot of hate on social media when it was announced — a lot of people didn’t like it, for some reason. I did like Hoagieville — was rarely my first choice, primarily due to location, but the burgers, chicken, breakfast tacos, and fries were pretty darn good. And contrary to what I heard from so many people, the service was…

Dog Park!

Saturday was a good day for Ziggy and I to visit the dog park! Even pretty early in the morning, it was pretty packed full of pups! [2jslideshow id=”11328″]

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