Pretty much the most awesome birthday a guy could ever hope for! As much as I have loved Great Falls radio, it has fallen too far in the last couple of years, and I *needed* to have more options. To the rescue — my wife, with the AWESOME gift of a Sirius-XM radio for my car! Check out this action: I will still listen to Great Falls radio occasionally, but holy cow — having satellite…

Best. Birthday Card. EVER.

From my amazing friend Kelly (owner of Treat Animal Wellness down in Boz!) — this has got to be the MOST AMAZING BIRTHDAY CARD / GRAPHIC / IMAGE EVER CREATED IN ALL OF HISTORY. Thank you Kelly!!!!! Remember, kids — there is never NOT a good time for DOGE.


I understand that some people are excited about the NBC affiliate here in Great Falls getting an upgrade — but tagging it as “breaking news” — seriously?

Beep! Beep!

My friend Tracie shared this on Facebook — cracked me up — cows are just so damn whimsical even without captions and funny sayings like “Beep! Beep!”

Where’s Waldo?

FOUND HIM. Who would have thought he was hiding in plain sight in downtown Great Falls?

What I Watch: Gotham

How about a dash of pop culture and TV? I’m hooked on the new show “Gotham.” Didn’t think it was even worth checking out, but my wife recorded the first episode, and I’m very impressed. The Gordon character is well done — trying very, very hard to find a balance between “Doing The Right Thing” and “Going Along With Corrupt People Just Enough To Avoid Being Killed.” The proto-Penguin is a literal character, obviously, and…

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