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Allison over at Squirrel Thoughts is one of my favorite bloggers. Ever. Her writing, sense of humor, subject matter, and insight are second to none. Come on – one of her recent posts was titled “A fancy owl is teaching me French and sometimes I make him cry.” People, THAT is how you craft a blog post title.

But it looks like she is leaving Great Falls for (ack!) Missoula, and that makes me sad.

As she prepares for the big move, she’s posted a neat entry titled “Things I will and will not miss about Great Falls.”

Things she will not miss about Great Falls: The obsession with chain restaurants. The drivers. The conspiracy theorists. The weather.

Amen on the first one, Allison — the whole Olive Garden hysteria is just…*smh* As for the others — well, to be fair, those wack-a-doodles conspir-nuts are in ample supply where you’re going, and everywhere else, to be honest. As for drivers – eh, Great Falls drivers aren’t any better or worse than others I’ve encountered in Montana. As for the weather – well, it’s one of the things that I love love love about Great Falls 🙂 But I totally understand that some people really, really, really don’t like the wind.

Things she will miss about Great Falls: Sunshine in the winter. The River’s Edge Trail. My friends and co-workers. That “je ne sais quoi.”

Sunshine – right on. River’s Edge Trail is cool – even though I rarely use it, I appreciate that we have it. Friends and co-workers – yup, but you’ll never be too far from them. As for the fancy French phrase — oh yes – Great Falls certainly has it!

Allison, best wishes to you and the hubs!



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