My Viola is moving!

Hooray! Kari – the owner of the *best* floral shop in Great Falls – announced today that My Viola will be MOVING to a new location!

Not too far — from the 300 block of Central Avenue to the building that used to be Dahl’s College of Beauty on the 700 block.

Kari told me that if all goes as planned, the new location should be open sometime in/around November.

Congratulations Kari – can’t wait to see how fresh/fabulous/fun the new digs will be!

Yay Kari!

Sez Kari: “Yesterday we finally signed the papers to buy our OWN building in downtown Great Falls!”

As noted a few years ago:

Flower shops are not very high on my list of Fun Places To Go – but we stopped in at the new My Viola store downtown on Saturday looking for a poinsettia, and holy cow, was it cool. It wasn’t just bunches and bunches of flowers in pots – there was some actual COOL stuff in there – decorations, ornaments, and such. Definitely worth a look, if you happen to be looking for something floral, but not “typical.”


It always fascinates me (sometimes amuses, sometimes puzzles) to see what people actually click on when they visit news sites…especially compared to what some people *think* they will or should be clicking.

For instance, take a look at what the most-clicked articles on were over the last week. Are you surprised by any of the items on the list?

Most Clicked on KRTV

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Some jackasses thought it would fun/cute/clever to vandalize CMR High School. Not cool.

Best comment I’ve seen on the KRTV Facebook page is from Shyla Patera: “No matter what school you attend you should be true to it not vandalize the other. Both CMR and GFH have classy kids attending schools, Rivalries make true memories but they should bring out pride not destruction!”


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