My Mom

My mother Judy was pretty awesome. Born and raised in Brooklyn, married my dad and moved cross-country to the desert in the 60s, had three kids, was a kick-ass operating-room nurse who helped save a lot of lives.

Loved to garden, loved her pets.

RIP, Mom. Thank you for everything you did to make me who I am.

This picture is from 1971 or 1972 – my kid brother (mouth open), little sister (smallest one), mom, and me.

And here she is with my dad — not sure of the year, probably 1965ish. Isn’t she just adorable?


Sutherlands Closing?

Saw this billboard on 10th Avenue South on Tuesday announcing that Sutherlands Jewelry is closing.

If that’s true, then it’s pretty sad. Hopefully it’s just one of those bogus “everything must go, we’re closing forever!” ads that furniture stores always seem to have…I’d rather have one slightly cheesy and somewhat misleading ad from Sutherlands than see it close permanently.

UPDATE: Sadly, it is true — just called, and the owner confirmed it.


“Be Happy & Buy Polish”

Did you know that there’s a blogger in (or near) Billings who focuses on nail polish? It’s true.

Seriously – if you have a passion for something, you can blog about it.

A pretty simple statement of purpose: “Nail polish and other beauty products make me happy, buying them does too. If you’re here with me, I hope nail polish makes you happy too.”

Well, I don’t wear nail polish, but seeing interesting designs is pretty cool 🙂


Dog Park Fun!

Saturday was just about perfect for a trip to the dog park — as always, Ziggy wanted to play with the big dogs first, and wow, there was a LOT of them. One of them — a super-friendly border collie (?) — became somewhat obsessed with Ziggy and literally would not leave him alone for about 20 minutes.


And then we headed over the “small dog” side of the park, which only had a few pups — but holy cow were they energetic! And check out this little one — super-bouncy! Ziggy had fun playing chase with her!


Visitors like pizza, right?

Apparently the Great Falls Visitor Information Center may not survive budget cuts:

“The City of Great Falls tells us due to a tightening budget, the city manager’s office is recommending the city no longer fund it. The center takes about $60,000 per year to operate.”

Why don’t we just lobby for a pizza place/casino in that location, with the visitor center stuff as a side-business? I’m worried that our supply of pizza joints and casinos is running dangerously low…

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