Ham-lovers rejoice (maybe) — the Trib says: “A popular glazed ham and turkey company is looking for somebody to buy a franchise in Great Falls and build a retail store and café so it can add Montana to its long list of states. Georgia-based HoneyBaked Ham Co. would like to add a retail store and café in Montana before Thanksgiving and open two additional sites within the next two years, said Melissa McFarlin, director of franchise development.”

Never seen a HoneyBaked Ham store, or even a commercial — but it would be hard for any ham-based company to come up with a more ear-wormy and fun ditty than the Montana Valley Hams commercial (sing-songy “Montana Valley HAA-aams”). Sadly, the only MVH commercial I could find online doesn’t include that part.

I’m not a huge ham fan, but my wife is — and so is Homer.

Parking Ticket$

Looks like the Tribune is taking an interest in the matter of overdue parking tickets:

We think getting the names of parking violators out into public view might encourage folks to pay tickets, making the city’s job easier in a difficult time. We also decided, however, that it would be unfair to simply publish these names of parking ticket delinquents out of the blue.

Instead, we plan to publish the list of violators with a total of $50 or more in overdue tickets on Wednesday, March 26, in the Tribune. In the meantime, anyone can avoid being listed by paying up. This is our idea, by the way, not the city’s.

Parking tickets normally are a minor issue to people, but small change can add up. We hope we will provide a public service by publishing the list and helping bolster the city’s coffers.


“7 Misconceptions About Montana”

Todd Klassy is a kick-ass photographer (take a look) in Havre, and also has writing chops – check out his recent piece called “7 Misconceptions About Montana.”

1.) Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are not petting zoos. Nor are they theme parks.
2.) Deer do not “turn into” elk.
3.) Huckleberries are not the same as blueberries.
4.) Indians do not live in tepees.
5.) Montanans know buffalo are technically bison, Indians are also Native Americans, and pronghorn antelope aren’t really antelope at all.
6.) Montanans actually do live in the state year round.
7.) Cowboys seldom (if ever) fought Indians.

Click the pic to read the whole thing:

NOTE: I understand #5 on his list, but will always, forever, and righteously use and defend the word BISON!

Link Roundup

— Jack’s regular “Caught My Eye” column is always worth reading, and I especially enjoyed this part re: the annual Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner:

On another note, it’s also good to see the Montana Democrats are keeping the late Mike Mansfield’s name associated with the dinner since he was born in New York. I know the Democrats have concerns about people born outside Montana holding elective office in the state.

— Allison has a couple of goodies: first, an “Are You Hungry” quiz (result: I am). Second, you can find out what kind of face she makes if she is accused of operating a Baby Platypus Mill.

— Ever wanted to create your own terrarium? Heather tells you how.

— Curtis — as always — has some excellent photos of geese (and other fun stuff). And he mentions the Great Falls Camera Club — here’s the club’s website.

— And in weather news — Great Falls cracked 60 degrees (ABOVE zero, mind you) for the first since November 12th. To celebrate, Ziggy and I headed to the dog park, where he teamed up with some fellow poodle-mixes and wore himself out after months of “cabin fever.”



Alexis in eastern Montana (east of Billings, at least) has goats…and this is what she did with them recently…and it is marvelous. The best part begins at about the 33-second mark:

A GoPro camera duct taped to a farm engineered harness that was then put on a couple kid goats. Because winter on the farm gets a little long and because we can.

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