Lazy Doe rumor

Anybody heard any rumors about the Lazy Doe out in Monarch closing? UPDATE: The owner of the Lazy Doe, Darvin Johnson, passed away a few days ago, which is no doubt how the rumor started.


You’ve all seen the Benefis commercials on TV (they’re on YouTube, too) – “HealthBreak with Amy Watson” – very slick, violin music intro, well-produced. Some of you probably know that Amy doesn’t actually live here in Great Falls and is actually a TV news person at WTVF in Nashville. So I guess we shouldn’t feel like Amy is “cheating” on Great Falls by also starring in commercials for a hospital in Kentucky. Hmmm…makes me wonder…

Doge Prince

Tried my hand at creating a fancy new Doge — whaddaya think? (click to embiggen)

Camera Q&A

Been checking out some cameras on Amazon, and was…um…surprised to see this Question and Answer.

Best Fries

It’s official: the best French fries in Great Falls can be found at the Missouri River Diner.

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack – arguably the best blogger in town – is celebrating the 9th birthday of The Western Word today – congratulations! Go say hi and help him blow out the candles.

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