Legendary Piano Pat

Tune in or set your DVR – Great Falls’ very own “Piano Pat” will be featured on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow.

Said it before, I’ll say it again: Great Falls should have a “Piano Pat Day,” give her the key to the city (a really big one), and throw a parade in her honor. Big float, complete with over-size fishbowls, keyboards, retro tunes, and of course mermaids, with Piano Pat riding high atop it all.

One of the highlights of my wedding several months ago was having Piano Pat sign our guestbook!


UPDATE: Somebody has the segment posted on YouTube!

Wanna Buy A Bison? (EDIT: BULL)

There’s a neat bison sculpture for sale – it’s on display outside of the Fair CLaim building on 1st Avenue North in downtown Great Falls.

Looks like it’s made from horse-shoes.

I’m not certain, but I think it might be one of the “Bison Parade” sculptures from a few years ago.

No idea how much it would cost to take it home – but if I had the $$$, it would be in my front yard tomorrow!

UPDATE: Well, let’s count the number of things I got wrong here.

1. It is in fact a BULL, not a bison. I suffer from a condition known as “bison blindness,” apparently, which means that whenever I see large animal sculptures outside, my brain interprets them as bison. Thanks to Andrea for pointing it out to me!

2. Since it is a bull, then obvs it was not part of the Bison Parade. Duh.

But on a more positive note – Joan told me that the bull sculpture was created by Dale Robertson, who you can at his website, called (fittingly) Horseshoe Sculptures.




Jonathan Logan is a science teacher here in Great Falls – fun to follow on Twitter.

He’s getting some national exposure thanks to a brief video he shot during the super-ultra-freezing weather we had a couple of days ago. The video was picked up by USA Today and shows what happens to boiling water when it’s thrown into the air – when the temperature is -26 degrees.


Bye Quizno’s

Well, damn. Looks like both of the Quizno’s in Great Falls have closed.

Drove by the one across from Cafe Rio on 9th Street on Saturday night and saw these signs:

Quizno's closes in Great Falls

Quizno's closes in Great Falls

Then drove over to check on the Marketplace location, and it was already pretty much cleaned out:

Quizno's closes in Great Falls

What a shame – they had good sandwiches – way better than Subway.

And I noticed that the official Quizno’s website didn’t waste any time removing Great Falls from its locator map.

Anyone know why they closed?

UPDATE: Sheesh. After I posted this and tweeted it, I got this response from the Quizno’s corporate Twitter:


And someone commented on my Facebook post about it: “The market place lease was up and the b***h that owns the riverboat kicked em out. Yea my girls r without a job.”


Now it’s getting serious: our coldest weather in just over three years, apparently. Looks like we got about 5 or 6 inches of snow today – and I think that makes it 4 out of the last 6 Mondays that we’ve had snow.

Going to make the Christmas Stroll on Friday night pretty challenging…and I feel sorry for the poor souls that are taking part in the annual Polar Bear Plunge.


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