Big-Box Mystery

Hmmmm…a potential “big box retailer” coming to Great Falls, according to the Trib:

The name of a potential big box retailer looking at a site at 51st Street and 10th Avenue South is still a mystery. Architects have shown plans for a 180,000-square-foot store, about 30,000-square-feet smaller than Home Depot, with a fuel center in the front to city Planning Department staff. However, the architects have not shared the name of the company they are representing, which is not unusual.

Any guesses? Whatever company it is, I hope it doesn’t meet the same fate as the planned second Walmart that was shot down in 2006.

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T&J Time!

Just wouldn’t be the holiday season without stopping at the City Bar for a Tom & Jerry! Sprinkle a little (or a lot!) of nutmeg, a little stirring, and voila! Also picked up some TJ “fluff” to take home 🙂 Noticed that the prices are a wee bit higher for the to-go batter than they were a few years ago – but totally worth it!

The joint was hopping at lunchtime today, too — it was *packed.” The service was amazing, though – quick, pleasant, and she got our order correct.

One odd thing: they recently started serving some “appetizer” style items, including cheese sticks, burger sliders, and French fries – but only after 4 pm on weekdays…so I had to enjoy my burger without fries. Still tasty, though!


War Wagon Bikini Babes

From Ryan Lowe, who is a pretty all-around awesome guy:

I am very excited to announce that my 2014 War Wagon Charity Calendar will be having a launch party at the Halftime Sports Bar on December 21st, from 6 to 10 pm. The profit from this calendar goes directly to the Accelerated Cure for MS.

The Accelerated Cure for MS is a charity that is seeking the cure for MS. The profits from my calendar sales will go directly to curing this horrible disease. Crystal Gillen with Photographix of Montana shot 12 of Montana’s most beautiful women posing tastefully on my Jeep, The War Wagon. We will have the girls down at the Halftime from 6 to 10 pm so people can come meet them and get an autographed calendar. We are asking for donations of $20 a calendar and this will be the only chance to get a signed one by all the girls. I’m asking if you would help me promote this event for this wonderful charity.

The calendars are in the final stages of printing at PrintCenter USA and will be ready for pickup then. If anybody is interested in getting a calendar, they can message me at or call at 406-750-5807.


Angel Among Us

My daughter – who is a full-time student in Missoula, and works full-time as a CNA – decided to get braces several months ago. Until Thursday, the balance remaining on her account with the orthodontist was about $3,500.

And then she got this in the mail on Saturday:


Complete, absolute, total shocker. Somebody – we don’t know who – anonymously paid the entire balance.

This is like those “secret Santas” that pop up on the news each year around Christmas time – anonymously buying groceries for strangers, paying off the tab on layaway at KMart for someone, etc – except this is obviously much larger.

We don’t know who performed this extremely generous and appreciated act of kindness (possibly one of the patients that she cared for recently?), but it is very much appreciated by both of us.

Thank you, anonymous person. We will never forget your kindness, and we will pay it forward in some way – and hope that others will, too.

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