Wanna Buy A Bison? (EDIT: BULL)

There’s a neat bison sculpture for sale – it’s on display outside of the Fair CLaim building on 1st Avenue North in downtown Great Falls.

Looks like it’s made from horse-shoes.

I’m not certain, but I think it might be one of the “Bison Parade” sculptures from a few years ago.

No idea how much it would cost to take it home – but if I had the $$$, it would be in my front yard tomorrow!

UPDATE: Well, let’s count the number of things I got wrong here.

1. It is in fact a BULL, not a bison. I suffer from a condition known as “bison blindness,” apparently, which means that whenever I see large animal sculptures outside, my brain interprets them as bison. Thanks to Andrea for pointing it out to me!

2. Since it is a bull, then obvs it was not part of the Bison Parade. Duh.

But on a more positive note – Joan told me that the bull sculpture was created by Dale Robertson, who you can at his website, called (fittingly) Horseshoe Sculptures.



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