Monthly Archives: November, 2013

Great Falls Montana


…it’s what’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Purely by accident — turns out we didn’t give our turkey enough time to thaw, so it wasn’t ready today.…

Around Town

Banana Cat

Stopped at Starbucks this morning – holy cow, that place is hopping and crazy-busy. In the midst of the chaos, something caught my eye -…

Fun Stuff


Had to get some pre-Thanksgiving groceries today, and included on the list was cheddar cheese. Normally I just grab my “regular” cheese, but today I…

Fun Stuff

Workplace Fun

Couple of fun things at work this week: first, someone dropped off this BIG-ASS BOX OF CHOCOLATE for everyone to enjoy. I have never seen…

Great Falls Montana

20 Bucks!

Tammy – an insurance agent here in Great Falls – has such a lively Facebook presence. She “gets” social media, and manages to make insurance…

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