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If you’ve been wondering about the sudden “giraffe surge” on Facebook, it’s because of a riddle. Answer the riddle incorrectly, and you have to change your Facebook profile pic to a giraffe. Why? Don’t know – but giraffes are pretty cool, so why not? (And if you’re worried – no, it’s not a trick to infect your computer with a virus).

Of course, not all giraffes are created equal – there’s a humorous Facebook account from “Native Hulk” that is using this giraffe – guess it’s a giraffe that has been exposed to too much gamma radiation:


If I had answered the riddle incorrectly (ahem, Nadelle), then I might have used this giraffe – seen on a young woman at Starbucks a few months ago. She gave me permission to take a photo of her “Stand Tall” giraffe, and explained that she got it to help remind herself to “reach up” and not let bad things bring her down.

Stand Tall giraffe tattoo

Free Burger!

Burger King is offering a free burger to kids in costume on Halloween between 2 and 8 pm.

Saw this sign in the BK on the west side; don’t know if it applies to the other locations.

The question is…what costume could I wear to fool the staff into thinking that I’m 12 or under…?


Winter Storm!

As promised – the first serious blast of winter arrived overnight – began snowing at around 10ish on Sunday night and as of noon on Monday, it’s still coming down.

The drive to work this morning was scariest driving I’ve had in my 11 years in Montana so far…took me nearly 30 minutes to get the 2.3 miles from home to work…sliding through an intersection or two, not being able to get up a couple of hills and then having to attempt “controlled slides” back down to turn around, etc.

Here’s a shot of our picnic table from about 9 a.m.


UPDATE: And here’s the picnic table at about 2:30 p.m.


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